Thursday, January 13, 2011

True Harmony.....

Comments welcome! make them kind... preferably adoring! HA HA!
There's one more interview coming up tomorrow. This one has elicited the sweetest reactions from unlikely people. I think Tina Ambani has done a pretty good job of breaking down prejudice against 'Silvers' (as she dubs senior citizens). Not everyone can happily sing 'Sheila Ki Jawaani' and get away with it. Sigh!!!
It's been a deliciously slow week so far. The nip in the air continues... I hope it stays till the Mumbai Marathon this sunday.... I am going to attempt the Dream Run to draw more attention to CHILDLINE ( dial 1098, toll free, to help a child in distress). It's the NGO I support and raise funds for. Look out for me and my daughters Arundhati and Anandita, who have been raising money on their own for CHILDLINE. Wish us luck.... and stamina, Blogdosts.
Bhago Mumbai,Bhago!!


ZB said...

You look absolutely gorgeous De...! And love your view on things which are intelligent and witty...Looking forward to more...God bless!

Neha said...

Loved it!

And happy running! :)

Radhika Gupta said...

that was amazing!! Gud luck!!

Kush said...

congratzz on being on d page of glossy mags

Anonymous said...

nice thoughts. love your writing.

Unknown said...

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