Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: The Year of Hope and Optimism!

Happy 2012, Blogdosts!! Let's keep this space lively, interactive, honest and FUN! I hope you had a great start to a brand new year. I certainly did! I hope to keep the same spirit going all through the next 12 months. One thing I do know - if you feel good, you LOOK good! So, here's to terrific beginnings... your time starts NOW!
This appeared in Bombay Times today...

2012 : The Year of Hope and Optimism…

Happy New Year, readers! I wonder how many of you are able to focus this morning and read this?For those who are indeed cold sober, beady eyed and bushy tailed, my special congratulations. Today is the first day of a brand new year.And I get the distinct feeling 2012 is likely to be upbeat and positive, give or take a few hiccups.Let’s not go into rewind mode and spoil our mood over what happened and what didn’t in 2011. It’s over. And good riddance, too. I’d say the best fallout of the past year was the clarion call to citizens given by a 74 year- old -man who became an unlikely youth icon - Anna Hazare. Never mind that his Mumbai show ended not with a bang but a whimper. He did perform a very important role despite all the bungling and mismanagement. He gave something precious to the aam aadmi – a voice. What we do with our newly discovered larynx is up to us from this point on. We don’t need Anna to fast. We don’t need him to hold our hand, either. We just need to make ourselves heard.
Two young men are going to be watched very carefully indeed in 2012. Both have had leadership thrust on them. One is still an unknown entity. The other was born famous. But both have one thing in common: monumental responsibility. And of course, both are the ‘Anointed Ones’. Cyrus Mistry and Rahul Gandhi are likely to be the most scrutinised, most searched 40- somethings in India. As heirs to vast empires ( Tata’s, and India), on them are pinned the hopes and aspirations of a billion-plus Indians. As Tata followers frequently boast, “ The state of India is often judged by the state of the Tata companies!” Both men are inheritors of staggering legacies. History will definitely judge these two. How they perform in 2012 will be monitored with hawk-like precision by the world, not just India. Rahul has had a head start in public life , virtually from his cradle. Cyrus has preferred to live more privately and well below the radar. The mentors of both are towering personalities – Sonia Gandhi and Ratan Tata. But eventually, the buck stops with Rahul and Cyrus. Will they deliver?
In movies and cricket, it is time for the established superstars to show some grace and move on. Leave it to the youngsters. How long are you chaps going to hang on to your thrones and crowns? Fans of both are clamouring for excitement and change. Viewer fatigue has set in. If Sachin does not get that blessed century in 2012, the sky will not fall down. If SRK does not wipe the floor with the competition, it won’t lead to a national calamity.Ditto, for all those lambey race ke ghodey who have outlived their relevance in other fields but are stubbornly hanging in there, clinging on desperately to the status quo. Whether in cricket, politics, movies or business, 2012 is going to see immense churning and change. Yes, it’s going to be that sort of a year. How do I know? Shall we put it down to a woman’s intuition??
Here’s to a super sexy, spectacular and surprising New Year ! Party on…. the night is going to stay young throughout 2012. Kasam se!


Anonymous said...

Koi na koi chaahiye pyaar karne waala

Anonymous said...

Yeah lets not be short sighted.
Look forward to a good change...

WhencutGoddamn said...

Hey Shobhaa,, Happy NY Twenty Twelve. Im glad to see at least some people looking at the new year wit optimism!
I posted a special edition for my first blog anniversary. And all thanks to you- for giving me inspiration to have so much fun with a non living thing- a blog1 haha :P
Here is the link. Tell me what you think.

Desi Babu said...
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Desi Babu said...

Dear Mrs. De:

Wish you a happy new year.

I am so happy to see your optimism. The thought of Rahul baba and gaddi together, makes me wonder if the 2012 prophecy had some truth in it after all.

As a 2012 special doomsday gift to one and all, here is a short story I am working on:

The useless dust


love sms said...

happy new year shobha ji.......your information is such attractive n i like ur point of view on optimism.................

love sms

Pooja Rathore said...

nice post! i liked your thoughts on rahul and cyrus mistry ( also very wise of you to have thought about them ).
i agree with you about crickters and movie stars who hang on no matter what honestly iam least bothered(actually it bores me) how much rahul dravid will score or which record Mr sachin tendulkar will break, ditto with the actors they look old and nothing new same old styles and smiles..enough is enough,you are right we should leave it to youngsters.
Happy New year!

everythinginmymind said...

Happy New Year Shobhaa ji. Like you said, its going to be a year of hope and change...

pavi said...

Hi Shobaa,

A very Happy new year to you! So good to see the optimism in your 'voice'. I have always been a fan and I hope 2012 gives rise to a thousand Shobaas. The world needs many more bold, thinking and fun women :-)


Himadrisekhar said...

Very Good And Happy New year Shobhaji. Your calculation and observation are most demanding future of 2012.
I like to add one last straw.
This will be year when a professional pornstar (big boss returned) will dazzle the Bollywood screen under the esteemed guidence of Mahesh Bhatt !! All Indians will definitely be waiting. Do'nt you think?

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