Wednesday, January 18, 2012


goodluck said...

Another circus. We had Anna and Co. circus for a long time. Cricket Circus. Mamata circus. Priyanka and Rahul circus. Covered elephant circus. Now Opraah circus. If she thinks Parmeshwar Godrej's circle is India, then god help her. She should go to chandni chowk, Jhumritalaiyya etc. unaanounced and she will be lost as one of the phoren tourists. She will also know real India.
She met the upper crust and to make it look socialistic some blind poor children sung for her in the Hotel Lobby.
Really socialite evening.
Only you look real. Maybe because you are a journalist. You look beautiful also. Better than those plastic stars.

Unknown said...

I second the comments by "goodluck"...I just want to add that we have a habit of showcasing ourselves differently to the outside world...this is not just in this case..somehow we suffer the inferiority among ourselves so badly that we always want to impress the west world. Pity, but it's true !!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

You look lovely! Did you have a good time or was it a mob scene where everyone wanted a photo with the woman for tweeting purposes?
Did it really take a David Gregory Roberts to show Oprah the slums? Slums seen through gora eyes as it were :) I know, I know... he has been there, done that, bought the t shirt and written the book etc but really whatever the circumstances are, a poor gora in a slum is a very different thing from a poor local in a slum! Besides which the slums I saw in the pictures are not really .... well... slums. That was daily living for most Mumbaikars. She needs to see real slums.

Who do I have the uncharitable thought that Oprah is going to tie in Deepak Chopras version of spirituality to the "beautiful minds and the happiness that shines in the eyes of the hardworking people who live in the slums". It usually works that way. I guess I am just cynical.

And why do I think Amy Chua is going to be the star of the Jaipur lit festival and not Tom Stoppard. Amy Chua's sensibilites are desi sensibilities... hehehehe.

And why is Rushdie being encouraged not to attend? Why is everyone... "socialities for all causes", fellow creative people, publishing houses... silent instead of protesting the situation? If Hussain can be supported against threat why cannot Rushdie be supported too? Same difference no? Afraid that Rushdie will actually have the chutzpah to show up? Hussain was too feeble or old to come back and actually need defending, but Rushdie will?

Have fun at the fest and come back to tell us all about the fun, games and thinking done there.

Congratulations to Penguin!

Pooja Rathore said...

Thanks for the link De.
you seem happy in the picture -Happy meeting opr-aaaah!
will be waiting for info on jaipur litfest.I liked the views of Maulana wahiddudin khan on salman Rushdie (Times of India - speaking tree jan 15 2012)sensible point of view!

cool5230 said...

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Harish said...

waah waah.. are you 60+..

like.. really???

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

why does she need to see the slums or chandini chowk for the "REAL" India????????? If we Indians only think that the REAL India is only about slums, traffics, beggars and everything else "juggi jhopadi" types... then God help us!!!!!

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

Nice pics... thanks

TerSk said...

ohh pls Shobha... honestly who cares abt the the great Oprah in India, other then those little bunch of real Socialites..then comes those Sh*t-load of so-called-Socialites..(call them wannabe-Socialite :P ) I mean..for me forget Oprah yaar... look at you Shobha.. my eyes aint getting off this picture of yours.. You just look woowwww...spectacular in that black sari and those zag-mag earings... wud have to ask you for a dinner next time I am in India, Shobha. (no dis-respect ment though...just meant ) cool Shobha.. u just rock my world with your blogs and not with your pic.. ;) lol

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Bare Necessities said...

So Shobha 'Liberal' De was all gung ho about M F Hussian, and just a silly whimper for Salam Rushdie? Why Shobha, scared to be on the target of the Jihadis? Or is that a special love for Mullahs? But for Girish Karnad and Mukul Kesavan, where are those "party butterfly liberals" like yourself who grace and abuse every TV talk show this time? Why are you not screaming at the top of your voice with ample display of cleavage like usual? You had so much of criticism against Anna Hazare who was out to do good, you raked the M F Hussain issue to death after he died...but when it comes to taalking against Muslim fundamentals, your panty seems to be all wound up huh?

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