Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I went kicking and screaming to watch Jannat, after paying an arm and a leg for what are called 'Priority' tickets. It was sunday night and the natives were restless.... I was hungry and resentful (daughters can be the world's biggest bullies). And then the movie started.... I was never an Emran Hashmi fan.... even less so when I saw him on a flight last week. This lipless wonder .... and a serial kisser??? And he has the nerve to talk about being swallowed up by Mallika Sherawat's large mouth?? But you know what? After watching the film, I could see what the Bhatts see in him - a competent actor. Forget the crazy anomalies in the script and the presence of a seriously irritating co-star ( Sonal Something - the same one who is dealing with stalker problems), the movie worked. It had some terrific moments. And most importantly, I didn't end up cribbing about the high price of my priority ticket!


Piyush B said...

Dear god! you actually liked a movie like jannat and dont even resent the money. Wats wrong with you? the movie worked? how? That he guesses the outcome of matches just like that.. without no homework? even if you ignore that such an exciting premise on match fixing finally culminating in a ludicrous love story, these and so much other moments in a sorry script. what were these terrific moments i wonder that actually made you not regret to pay a premium for your VIP ticket.

Ameya AB said...

Nice Movie! I am not really a fan of emraan hashmi!But i think he did really well in the movie!
I have just started reading your blog! So, i am starting it from your older than the oldest post!

Unknown said...

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