Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey guys. My daughter, yes, another one, sent me this really witty mail from Vijay Mallya, who in true 'King of Good Times' style, is not licking his wounds and sulking somewhere dark and quiet LIKE SOME OTHER IPL OWNERS WE KNOW!! He is sensibly urging all his supporters to go get themselves a chilled beer - at work! The only way, he says, he can get over sinking 400 crores into this disaster, is to have lots of people out there, happily glugging down his beer. Not necessarily in a pub, mind you. I love it! The guy knows how to take defeat on the chin - and hopefully profit from it, too!! So.... what do you say? Game for it? Get your boss to join you for a pint or two. It may just improve productivity and keep everyone awake.
I'm off to Colombo for a few days. Work, silly! It's always WORK! Not that I'm complaining. I love the place. And happy to get onto that flight any time. Nothing can keep me away. Not even the prospect of getting my head blown off. Joking!!
You may not see a fresh post for a bit. But hang in there. Why? Because I'm worth it!! And you thought only Ash could say that ??


Suhas Naik said...

heyz Shobha........whoz ur fav author..........n do u lik Chetan bhagat

maheep singh said...

Great sales promotion idea from Mallaya. Cheers to that. But at work? I don't think so. May be at your kinda work...visiting Colombo and what not! Work. Yeah ! Have a great time in Colombo and I will be getting that pint or two or three or whatever the wife permits, in the cool confines of my bedroom, caz (with all due respect to copyright laws) I'm worth it only...not complaining really.

Unknown said...

Hi Shobhaa,

Have a great time in Colombo. Make sure you visit Negombo which has great beaches.

See what I have written about the latest celebrity blogger in my blog:

Best, as always,


Danny said...

Hi there,

You can also contribute for Mallya by flying in a " Kingfisher Airline" to Colombo..... and I think the " Indian Richard Branson " profited even by defeat as his brand name was all over the televison and thats what he wanted........I think

sanju ayyar said...

Hi Shobhaa,
Am writing to you for the first time, and am really kind of apprehensive about calling you by your first name, without any prefix or suffix. Dont know why? Chuck it anyway. You look stunning for your age and as a 29-year old, I am more in awe of your looks than your books. (the rhyming just happened you see!)
I believe there's a beach shack which goes by the name Beach Wadiya. Its Sachin Tendulkar's favourite, and I'm given to believe that they serve finger-lickin crab delicacies.
I was almost en route to Colombo to give an interview for the post of an Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy but then the dreaded Tsunami struck and Sri Lanka, ever since, has been only a dream.
I've never read any of your books, but maybe will pick up one. Who knows? I might just add up to your fan base and also do the publisher's bottomline some good.
You enjoy your trip in the meanwhile, and have lots of fun.
Waiting to read your next post.

Ranjani said...

A nice chilled beer at work is just what the doctor ordered!
Might make my job more palatable:)

Prabhash said...

Hey! Great writing, just like your books.

Thought it worthwhile to point out that your TOI Article of 17th August 'Mera Bharat Kahaan' has a striking resemblance to my blogpost of 14th August. Check it out at

Priya Chaphekar said...

Hi Shobhaa,
I just completed reading your book Superstar India...and it is truly incredible..whenever I read your work, I'm like...I think the same thing..then why can't I put it in a language like yours!! As a literature student, I had a thing for Indian authors more than the westernized can associate well with them...and you are my favourite...probably also because I come from a Maharashtrian background like you...I have studies Journalism at XIC and our dean (Jane Swamy to be specific) told us that you were going to visit us somewhere in Feb 09 to share your experiences...I was really looking forward to meet you..but I guess the plan flopped...I have one dream...would really like to meet you personally...coz You are truly my idol...I mean you have set a standard which I would want to achieve in the coming years...Do write to me when you get time...!!

kvvaidyalingam said...

You have impressed me with your free, frank and fearlees views every time I have heard you on national television.Here is wishing you a very happy time at Colombo.Incidentally Iam writing to you for ther first time.


Shambhunath said...

shobhaa di,i am an avid follower of your writings and can say after nirad c. chowdhury &khushwant singh you are the only other indian writer who is not afraid of calling a spade a spade oblivious of consequences,shambhu nath ghosh pune

kanchan sinha said...

hi mam,

I am simply in awe of some of the great talents that God has given to you and how well you have made use of them that today you stand not only on your own in this fiercely competitive world with perfect elan but also serve as a role model for others who wish to emulate you. For lesser mortals like me who nurture some literary ambition it could be great if you had a little time to see the manuscript of my new novel which I don't know will ever find a good publisher but which I know does have something in it. Please excuse me if I appear to be bragging but if you allow I shall be sending the softcopy over your email. Please help withering writers like me if you can.

yours Kanchan sinha

Unknown said...

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