Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Asian Age, new look

I must say I've been monitoring the new look Asian Age closely .... and am delighted to report it is reading as well as its spiffy appearance. Though, I do miss M.J. Akbar's BYLINE, I now read that online! Check out the revamped paper, which is likely to give other pretenders a run for their money. It has already won my vote as far as design is concerned, and going by the zippier content, I'd say we have a winner!
Of course, I wasn't at all surprised to read about Mahesh Bhatt's outrageous announcement - he will be making a movie on Neeraj Grover! Come on, Mahesh. The poor guy hasn't been dead for a month, and you are ready to exploit the tragedy ? I guess Maria gets to play herself? The murderer Jerome, isn't too bad looking either.... has he also been signed on?


vedika said...

Yeah, this would be a great idea!...imagine if the real time murderers could be signed on to enact, we'd get the first hand information on how they went about this ghastly, absolutely remorseless, heart wrenching act by first murdering and then chopping the body to 300 pieces...all against humanity I must say!!!!

Pranoti said...

Well obviously things are looking up for the Age... One of the spiffiest eds on the block is working his charm on it.. Way to go... :) For once we have an RE who's got work to his credit and not just words... And of course we love the words too!! :) You're fab Hussain!! As always.. :)