Friday, February 6, 2009

Mumbai masala

Oh God!! Just five days out of this crazy metropolis aur kitna kuch hota hai. Can hardly keep up. The first pic I saw in an Indian newspaper on the flight back from Singapore, was of the Bachchan parivar at the premiere of PP-2. And the first thing I noticed was Ma Bachchan's floor length mink coat. Woweeee!! Guddi has grown up and how! That mink (looked like the real thing, not a faux version) would buy a 2BHK in Nalasopara. But If Ma Bachchan can't afford to keep herself warm in style on Bahu's big night - hell - what a waste! Bahu clad in a becoming black gown looked very fetching indeed, with an impressive decolletage ( push up bra, zindabad!). Her stylist must have persuaded her to dye her hair jet black (matching-matching) and wear it off her angelic face. It made her look severe - but stylish. Pity the film has tanked worldwide. But Ash should have no regrets - she tried.
Desi news involved all the usual stories about Kasab and the mysterious leaked picture. How did the press get hold of it? Nobody is telling! I bet it was a smart Pandu havaldar who clicked it while the bosses were enjoying a chai break. Today's khabar is that Kasab is suffering from high acidity - well, at least he isn't dead!
The other big story was about Bharat Shah's son's wedding to a model-type. The details were mind boggling - 120 mithais, 250 dishes representing 30 different cuisines, an elaborate set created out of beaten silver. Estimated cost for the evening?? A few crores. Guest list? Shah was not saying... it really would be interesting to note who does show up for the extravaganza, apart from the usual suspects.
I watched Guy Ritchie's Rocknrolla on the flight and was mesmerised!! What a movie!! Can any of our guys make anything close to this!! Am planning to watch Dev D over the weekend (amazing reviews), and want to compare. Ritchie knows his turf and is spot on when it comes to casting, dialogues, cinematography and music. This is such a sinister film! Violent and gritty all the way. But a compelling watch nevertheless. BTW, Jet Airways does offer unlimited Dom in biz class - but little else. Makes it easier to watch grim faced Russian mafia bosses torture effete Brit gangsters with names like Handsome Bob!
The book worth reading is 'Can Asians Think?" Don't you just love the title? It is written by a Singaporean of Indian origin, Kishore Mahbubani, and comes with a recommendation from Henry Kissinger (".....intellectually engaging") no less. Mahbubani was the person 'In Conversation' with me at my book launch in Singapore , a few months ago. I had enjoyed his combative style and had hoped to catch up with him on this trip. He is the Dean at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.And quite the agent provacateur his admirers insist he is.
Alas, my chicken-rice moment didn't happen in Singapore. But I did stumble on a new phrase - 'Trying trying before dying." It is what locals advise outsiders when praising a new restaurant\dish or anything worth slurping over. As for me, I am on a carrot juice and broccolli diet after over indulging myself in Singapore. But, am I enjoying my $10 dollar flip flops! You can keep you Choos - yup - even after that 70% off sale.
Shall post my Monday column next, provided I don't delete it by hitting the wrong key, as I did earlier. Ciao ciao! Am off to watch Zoya Akhtar's movie 'Luck by chance' which my older children loved. Watch this coming up. You've been warned!


Serendipity said...

I loved Luck by chance! :) leds see what u say about it. :)

Anonymous said...

what does the cost of a business class seat buy for a poor man?

hitch writer said...

need to check that book, interesting !

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the I look forward to along with others. Unpredictable and conversational. You say and we listen. Next time let us send Dev D to the Oscars. Is this movie a personal statement?

A.prem said...

ma bachchan sounds nice :P

my opinion on LUCK BY CHANCE: regular story, farhan akhtar and s-e-l sheer disappointment.

havent watched dev D..

'Can asians think?' sounds interesting!

ciao ciao

Piper .. said...

was seeing a video clip of the premier and god! I was right all along! She seriously is plastic. And what`s with the intermittent giggling bouts? Tell me, is this something 'high class' that I dont get?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...even i wonder, why cant our stars look natural on the red carpet? Ash looks so "stiff" on such occasions.I was watching the premiere footage on TV where Steve Martin was asked about Aishwarya.
Sample this. He replies with an amused expression "Yeah,its good to see her in-laws and husband here too"

Sidhusaaheb said...

I've always found Aishwarya very unconvincing as an actress in most of her movies that I've watched, apart from, perhaps, the Sarkar series.

I suspect the 'leaking out' of Kasab's photographs was something that was decided upon by the burra saahib loag, to quell all those rumours about his death.

Vee said...

Saw Ash in that Push-Up thingy, still looks the same.. repeating myself and half-junta but that plastic doll smile once again. Sorry, doesn't work.

Kasab is alive (indifferent).

'Guy' is the Man. 'Snatch' and 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' are like cult for me more than 'RocknRolla'. Do watch the former two. Please do. And if you love them you will love Dev.D (Some connection) and If you happen to watch Dev.D first then I know you will see the former two without doubt. All this provided if you have seen the 'said formers' already.. Do tell me then what ya think?

'Can Asians Think'? Added in list. 'Trying trying before dying' reminds me of this: "If you want divine justice, DIE". Haha, innit true?

My LBC Revu:

I watched Dev.D and am watching it again tomorrow cuz in one sitting I was so fucking awe-struck with the goings I need to watch it againg to give a coherent meanings to the ramblings going inside the mind, however I did write this after seeing it first time:

Usha Pisharody said...

As always, there is a zing that charms in your writing.. :)

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you hosting your blog on your own server? you can certainly afford it.

Hire a website designer to hook it all up for you.

And start putting some of your video's on your site.

I am not Indian, but first noticed you on Karan Johar's show when you were on with Shabana Azmi and I liked your honest answers. It was a refreshing break from having to listen to over rehearsed answers from all those bollywood bunnies.

P said...

Happy that I chanced upon your blog..interesting and refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobha,
Why don't you start your own website? Vir Sanghvi has just launched his own personal website,
If he can have his own site so can you. I'm sure you have many more fans!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you were wrong since Mr. Bachchan wrote on his blog that the fur was 'faux' not real. So much for your eye for fur and snarky comments.

As your the usual 'plastic' comments about Aishwarya, you guys are boring. There is nothing plastic about her. She looked elegant like an old world movie star not tacky and trashy like most current actresses. She has worked with the most respected directors in India who appreciate her talent so the bashers can keep refusing to see it.

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