Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cherchez la femme... and round up those Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

I just had to take a break from all that hypocritical rubbish on television right now. Especially Farouq Abdullah making the silliest, most sexist comments that had no relevance to the IPL controversy. He was all but drooling on Barkha's show when he talked about Sunanda and how beautiful she is.... like that took care of everything, including the sleaze factor. He was even sillier on Karan Thapar's show when he talked about the role of politicians who can make things happen 'rapidly' and open doors for people like Lalit Modi! Tell us about it! He claimed he was doing all this for the people of his state..... I left the room, unable to hear another idiotic word on the subject. At the time of posting this entry, Tharoor was still hanging in there but Sunanda had 'surrendered' her sweat equity ( some sacrifice ). Her lawyer in Dubai and Abdullah in studios conveyed that this great act of hers was enough to let her and her boy friend off the hook. It took a BJP lady to ask whether a thief is declared innocent if he\she returns what was stolen. Gosh.... the Indian Private League of 'chaalu' people is likely to dominate the news for a while to come, especially if Tharoor steps down tonight as expected. But that will not solve a thing!! Now that the can of worms has been pried open, let's go all the way .... nail all those biggies once and for all. Spare noone. Himmat hai sarkar ko?? Not a chance. Everybody has something on everyone else. The name of this game is blackmail.... with corruption going all the way to the top. ALL THE WAY!
Interesting to find out who planted those low intensity bombs in Bangalore. Sounds too amateurish to be the work of hard core terrorists. It appears to be the clumsy handiwork of people interested in distracting investigators and the public from core issues that are threatening to destroy the IPL itself. What a monster the game of cricket has become. Toba. Toba.
This column appeared today in the Sunday Times of India....


wise donkey said...

i think this time, even if we don't go all the way, it has gone way lower what people in "control" thought.
simply not a simple game anymore..

Vaudeville of Exhilaration said...

Talking in a very cliched manner,I always felt IPL was nothing beyond mere business(an easy and sound way for the big shots to procure more and more wealth).An utter waste of time an money...

Pratap said...

You said it Shobha!

I was scratching my head when Dr. Abdullah drooled over Sunanda. And then my head spun when he praised Tharoor's good looks!

Either Dr Abdullah thinks we are all idiots or he has completely lost it and should be put to pasture.
Loved your column in the Sunday TOI

goodluck said...

Tharoor and Sunanda opened Pandora's box. They got burnt. who can bell the asli chors who are smiling away? When Shashi Tharoor tweeted to embarrass the Congress, all of you supported him. He grew arrogant and crossed the lakshmanrekha this time.
Lalit Modi and Sharad Pawar are the people who created the IPL Frankestein. First they crushed one of our best cricketers Kapil Dev and then they tried to remove whoever came their way. Who wants IPL which has no national flavour, no commitment? Cricket has degenerated to abysmal low levels. When these cricketers play for the nation, the runs dry up. When they play for money, they flow like water. I was aghast when a all smiling Rajdeep Sardesai interviewed two liers on nation television as if those two are the greatest thing happened on earth. As for Farookh Abdullah, his father and son are much more refined. He is all bollywood.

Unknown said...

Farookh Abdulla is another Dr. ND Tiwari, though nothing has come out in open. But one day it will also be known to the world. All these politicians are having one or more affairs except Lalu Prasad, perhaps.

Harish said...

ohh de, bomb blasts and bandobasts are commonplace. this dubai based love story is like an icing in a cake. this is the real issue.

tharoor is a lot more transparent. poor he, he usually lands with his foot in mouth.. yeh time he tried chewing a complete leg piece... attakkk gayaa gale mein...

if he is no sacred cow, he is also no silly billy. even if he was a thug who churaooved government ka paisa, i dont feel he would do it so openly after all.

after all thats said and done, im sure there is so much more to be said and done.

and when it is said and done, may be our "tweet raja aur ipl chors" story will have a different twist... and tweet raja could walk free from all the allegations.

i donno why, i feel the picture is still hazy.

and given a choice between moody modi and tweeting tharoor, i choose the latter. i feel there is much more to this sagaaa, sharad pawar, bcci, farooq abdullah etc.. but tharoor is the best sacrificial lamb.

not that we can justify ones wrongdoings by citing another's, but just that there is much more love, sex aur dhokha that is happening khel khel mein....

Sunandaa's supreme sacrifice would be written in the itihaas ke sunhehre panne of india. she gave up so many kadakk notes, that will take ages to count.

the best thing about sunanda's statement is her "half-malayalee" son. how is that of significance...

and of course,
Farooq - tu toh chaalu hai re!

teh fact remains, that irrespective of what this cricket story will unravel.. teh sad thin the end it will be seen as the "moh maayaa of the SHE"... thats the saddest part.

women cause wars and resignations... and men are dooh ke dhulle...? thats sexist... and thats our thakela mindset.

Unknown said...

Looks like all these oldies are a threat to youngsters...just fail to understand why now a days attractive woman are falling for men almost double of their age rather these UNCLES!!!!


SWK said...

Sub:- The games that big boys play

You have put it most articulately and aptly. Seeing the full stadii for the past month and a half of this cricket circus called the IPL, cheering for sundry and often obscure players, who don't even represent the particular state/city the team is named after, in abominable weather conditions, definitely proves your point. We will always remain suckers.

And rightly said, our news channel anchors, and I often see you on the panel, do scream their heads off, as was done last night, on the IPL mess, with endless discussions, when if we had our brains in the right place should have known that the honchos who run the IPL are interested only in fattening their already fat bank balances, and giving what the 'aam aadmi' wants..a bit of entertainment, to compense for the dreadfulness of living in urban India.

Your wit and caustic humour are unmatched and I, for one, always look forward to reading your articles, across the many magazines you write for, and at the end of it all, have a smile on my face.

Best wishes

S W Kamath

Manoj Singal said...
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