Monday, April 5, 2010

So, who's the liar??Yawn Yawn - not Sania-Shoaib again!!!

I swear this is it!! No matter what happens! Ayesha can opt for a sex change, Sania and Shoaib can elope in order to escape this tamasha, Sania can fuel rumours she is preggers. Or an ex-boyfriend of Ms. Mirza can emerge from the woodwork bellowing, " Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti !" But I am done!The story has been flogged to death and there is nothing more left to peddle. Even the Thackerays have pulled out. Yup. It is that dead and dull.
Khair, we can keep our 'Mubarak ho' on hold for now.
Obama is officially Black. Tiger Woods remains in the dog house. And the IPL bores me.
For whatever it is worth.... read on....
My fiction writer’s mind is in overdrive. This is one story that cannot be topped by even the most enthu Bollywood script writer . It has enough masala in every twist to keep the masses ( and asses) salivating for more. Nothing gets readers and viewers as fired up as a salacious story involving young, good looking, affluent celebs. And if one of them ( guess who?) has loads of attitude to boot – wow!! The media has got itself a whopper of a winner. Sania-Shoaib ka gadbad ghotala has been front page news for days. And it is also the number one breaking news story on every channel, never mind the horrific rape of an MBA graduate in Pune. At the time of writing everyone including his uncle, aunt and neighbour , had been interviewed - from Lahore, Sialkot, Hyderabad and beyond. There were Sania sightings on the balcony of her Hyderabad villa. And we had been treated to theories galore, culled from available information. But despite the bombardment on all fronts, one thing is still unclear – who is the liar in this drama?? And above all – who is Ayesha?
I may be in a minority of one on this, but I am pretty sure Shoaib was misled at some point. The girl he thought he was marrying ( and he definitely did marry someone in this rather bizarre episode) may not have been the girl he thought he was in love with. Chances are, he met two girls ( Ayesha and Maha), fell for one, but accidentally married the other! Sounds absurd, but given the craziness of this entire set up, it is also possible. Somehow, and this may sound cruel, I cannot see a handsome, ambitious Pakistani cricketer falling for the rather plain looking, overweight girl - the same one we have been watching on television. These guys have the world’s best looking females throwing themselves at them. Why would he settle for someone like her, that too when his career was rocking, unless there was a catch in the story? I listened with interest as his brother- in- law Imran from Lahore, patiently and politely took viewers through the rigmarole, while Ayesha’s mother wept hysterically on Arnab’s show. Imran maintained that the girl who wooed Shoaib over the phone and internet, was in fact, not the same girl he’d flipped for in person, but her clever friend. He also said that the two or three times Shoaib went to Hyderabad to meet his bride-to-be, she was never there! And the family would come up with some lame excuse ( she had to leave town suddenly, she was in hospital undergoing surgery, she was in some other city on work) and distract Shoaib. Assuming Shoaib really and truly fell for this ruse, he must be one hell of a dumbo. And if he is such a dumbo, why is Sania the Smartie, marrying such a guy? Can’t be for the money ( she has much more), can’t be for the fame ( she is way ahead in the fame stakes), then why? Aaha – she has fallen for his boyish, good looks and rakish sex appeal. That’s it! She’s a woman in love, and as we all know, a woman in love will do anything… defend a scoundrel, stand by the fellow and agree to marry him, even though he may be married to someone else.
The date’s set. The wedding is on. Unless something changes between now and the 15th of April. Something significant and dramatic. Unless the real Ayesha turns up. The one Shoaib fell in love with. In which case, what will his current wife do??? Oh my God. This is getting a bit too complicated even for me. Must be the heat. I think I’ll go cool off and watch some cricket – oops, wrong game. Too many maidens getting bowled over.


Trendsetters said...

Last sentence is very witty, Madam.

Kaps said...

Hi de!!!

I was waiting for your write up on this issue.Ofcourse I too have also masala to add to it because for years I have been her fan because she was the only Indian tennis player .

But for years i tolerated her pathetics second round exits on court and this .Even Indian guys started having interest in the game becuase of her ever increasing love handles(dont kill me for this but we girls couldn't even ignore it)

Interesting part of this story is if Sania ex also join in and would say that Sania did nikah with him after the engagement in his dreams and she should take legal divorce from him...

what say??

anamika said...

Hi de!!!

I was waiting for your write up on this issue.Ofcourse I too have also masala to add to it because for years I have been her fan because she was the only Indian tennis player .

But for years i tolerated her pathetics second round exits on court and this .Even Indian guys started having interest in the game becuase of her ever increasing love handles(dont kill me for this but we girls couldn't even ignore it)

Interesting part of this story is if Sania ex also join in and would say that Sania did nikah with him after the engagement in his dreams and she should take legal divorce from him...

what say??

sorry i posted from my husband if my comment.He will kill me for this:d

anamika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crazy Blogger said...

wow I like that " woman in love"

Unknown said...

haha, was looking forward to your take on this whole tamasha! good read! :)

kirti said...

I am more worried about , what if Ayesha was really married or very close to married....and he really told her to reduce the wt to 58 kg.
OMG! how preposterous. that means the our Indian smartie girl has got an upper limit fixed for her wt.
what if she does not stay in her limit?
I think she needs to have her vision restored which has been temporarily defunct b/c of luv.

Unknown said...

Shobha,I too like your last line.Am glad this muck has been kicked up by the press......there's never a dry day in the Indian news scene.

Saji Oommen said...

Its very interesting that when one story fades another story comes up. My wife is glued to the idiot box to catch the latest happenings...

goodluck said...

Interesting write up. My sympathies are with dumbo. That Maha is making herself a laughing stock.

Anil Kumar said...

FIRST marriage is triumph of imagination over intelligence.

SECOND marriage is triumph of hope over experience.


The above lines apply for Shoiab Malik.

As far as Sania is concerned she was hyped by media as a star. Yes...Our DISGRACED TV media.

Her tennis credentials and achievements are similar to that of Anna Kournikova. Anna was hyped so much that she never won a tournament in her 10 years of career. Sania's looks are probably 10% of Ms Kournikova. BUT then she is a tennis star in media circles.

People say marriages are made in heaven but for some reason they both look loser in this. Seems like a case of "apane paaon per aap kulhaadi maar li dono ne by agreeing to marrying...I will eat my words if things go well after 10years.

Sidhusaaheb said...

"I cannot see a handsome, ambitious Pakistani cricketer falling for the rather plain looking, overweight girl - the same one we have been watching on television. These guys have the world’s best looking females throwing themselves at them. Why would he settle for someone like her, that too when his career was rocking, unless there was a catch in the story?"

I completely agree with you on that.

Vikram The Prodigal said...

Well, what to say..You have trivialized the rape of the MBA graduate yourself...A contradiction in your point. If you had thought the rape as important, you would have written about that. I agree that you have written about these before. But the point is, the mention makes the blog awkward!

Again, I see Sania being let down...May be we have the right to elevate a person beyond measure and let them down immediately.

When you could easily let MS Hussain go unscathed (at least in your blogs! In fact you supported his move..) why hit Sania.. I mean she is not something to ridicule about..Do you or do you not respect ' an independent person's ' privacy and freedom. Another contradiction!

Anonymous said...


IPL bores???
Ohhhhh common.
Look SRK partying.

silverine said...

Agree with you that he might have been misled into marrying another girl than the girl he had flipped for. But why did he admit in TV so lovingly that he was playing in his wife's city? Something fishy here.

anupamaa said...

Shoaib tried to marry Sania also through phone some time ago, but it seems he got the Engaged tone ...
Seriously, whattay drama.
Ayesha has proved that love is blind, and Shoaib has proved that marriage is an eye opener. No offence to Ayesha or the rest of womankind, but she does not seem like a person that a glamourous 20 year old cricketer would jump in to marry...and BTW if shoaib was just 20 when he married her was it even legal in India?
But in the end...who cares?

Unknown said...

et tu, mz de? the last bastion of good sense has fallen!! please, nimbly jump over the fence and join the minority who knows this drama for what it really is - domestic-drama-for-moolah! she is a queen outside her four walls (direct translation of "chardiwari") but inside, different story! she does what she is told. i want to tell you a leetle story: there was this girl, some martial arts champion of israel. i saw a short film based on her life (Shadya - the true story of a 17-year-old Muslim girl from North Israel who becomes a karate champion in the Israeli national team, to the horror of her conservative brothers). she is a member of the national team, against all odds. then her marriage is fixed, her groom-to-be is all smiles about her career and international hopes. then comes the fateful wedding day, a storm erupts: the groom sends a message: no career after marriage. weeping and wailing in girl's room. her family is siding with the groom! and the film closes with a despondent, desperate national champ. the end. also, this country's pre-occupation with all matters personal is astounding! just because she was allowed to be a number one in tennis, does it also mean she has the freedom to be number two in her domestic front? and i loved the way shoaib (number one sleaze) said on TV, "sania will be my #1 wife"!putting a number on sania implies that #2, #3 and #4 are also on the way! such is love! now they are saying that the ayesha nikaah took place over the phone. naive people of this country, hark my words: this marriage is nothing but an AA (athlete acquisition) by our wily neighbour! is our sports federation in danger of losing all our national sports stars (of the female variety)? help, mz de!

Neha said...

Just yesterday I was telling a friend that I feel that Shoib has been duped and fooled here; while my friend insisted that cannot be the case (of course because of his nationality that we Indians swear by!). Whatever be the case, men are the same the world over, across all continents and countries and a man of Shoaib's talent, fame and looks, he is not a fool to fall in for the girl we are seeing a lot of these days! And another question is that why is the family raising a hue and cry after two years of silence??? Moreover, the supposedly first wife is bringing out yarns one by one....bit by bit...why not the whole thing in one go??? Whatever be the case, we can only sit back and watch the drama unfold little by little!

Pooja Rathore said...

I was surprised by sania,s choice .But i agree with you she is in love and as you have put in your book 'Spouse' - Jab pyar kissi se hota hai , forget reason , logic , goodsense Just go for it! but also to be realistic .I wish her well God bless her!

goodluck said...

On second thoughts, Ayesha is quite a good looking girl with flawless complexion and a pleasant face. Take away her baby fat and specs, she may become another Jassi. On the otherhand this dumbo Shoaib is lying. And Sania is accepting and endorsing a lier. Ayesha deserves a better human being than a goodlooking lier. It seems she is basking in all that media attention. How we try to dismiss her? If she is our own sister or mother, will we talk like that? Ultimately, it all boils down to winning a trophy spouse.

Unknown said...

hi!!!!!! this is isha well i would like to say that everybody have their own personal lives and have right to do so. but the good part is that they both will play for their countries no matter sania marry a pakistani guy,,,,

Crazy Blogger said...

I like goodluck's comment, If u look at her closely she is much better than that pimply Sania

Very well said goodluck!

goodluck said...

Thank you Manjari singh.

Nandinikakoti said...

And if one of them ( guess who?) has loads of attitude to boot – wow!! .....
Sania only has major attitude problem.. I don't like that dame... However, I M sure Shoaib is right to some extent and hope justice prevails at the end.

Harish said...

they always skirt important issues...
... it all started with her flying skirt, then her dates, and now her life mate.


the hyderabadi biryani has been seen as a mere masala by the digghaj's in the media.

Everything she does becomes a headline. whom she courts, concerns us more than, how she plays in the court.

wallah... i dont know why the media want to play the villian in this Veer-Zaara love story.

And the engendered tigers have also roared.. tehy are singing " you are my... you are my... you are my SHO-NIA"... wish they did for the pune girl... who was raped too.. with teh same vengeance. But khair, rape and rapists are non issues. Teh Sho-Nia love story is where the real meat story.

TOI has become a ghanchakker running behind stories of peoples chakkars. They are fast becoming yesteryears Mid-Day- minus the mate, but with stories of Dates.

whether Shoaib had hallu hallu "hello hello" nikaah... or did Ayesha dupe her by actually showing someone elses pics.. who cares. Ayesha ulf Maha should just stop churaooing plots from bollywood films... (remember The angry Chetan ka Chetna)

And about Shohaib. What a loss to the indian media.

The Indian Tiger Wood that he is made. is not even indian.

Shame Shame.

Nandini Rao said...

..that just shows how money can buy everything else but culture & decency. i have lost all respect for Sania. it's disgraceful how they proclaimed their innocence before the press, even while both of them were mocking the third, 'other' person.

disgusting! especially, if this is what a public school education teaches you, then we have no right to blame the lack of education as a cause for poverty in this country.

poverty is in our hearts & minds.
earlier, when children behaved a certain way, parents were blamed for the kind of upbringing they had.
now, it is portrayed as though things like these happen out of unavoidable life experiences, that which is no ones fault but a part of our growing up! absolutely ridiculous!

i don't find any difference between these guys & the road side loafers who would go any length to create public nuisance & drama!

or maybe, it's the age of these shameless, culture-less people, otherwise how does one explain the huge following these people have.

it shows what kind of role models we are churning out. tragic.

Unknown said...

You are right, Shobha.This whole story stinks to high heavens!
Which man in his right mind will marry a girl based on a picture,without ever meeting the girl?That too, an international cricketer?
Sania is making a mistake...this marriage will not survive.

Mohsin said...

I wish Shobha de had better things to do. Good luck with your pie of the controversy.

Mohsin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hahaha, this can only happen in India ! *sighs*

And howcome the Cricketer got so much time to be online and meet girls !

Online dating huh !

sam said...

It makes lot of Sense on Sohaib Mulliks account , that just leave those crap allegations as it is and ... go on time with Sania

Nile said...

I guess they should not be given the kind of importance which media is giving ... They are matured individuals and can take decision on their life ... Leave them alone ...

Herxlnc101 said...

“I cannot see a handsome, ambitious Pakistani cricketer falling for the rather plain looking, overweight girl - the same one we have been watching on television. These guys have the world’s best looking females throwing themselves at them. Why would he settle for someone like her, that too when his career was rocking, unless there was a catch in the story?.." ----- Disgusting ..Shallow and absolutely sad Ms.De. Keeping all things aside, it just shows you sordid your thought process is ... Don't you have a party or a fashion show to attend????

Plus , you may wanna get your facts right – Your handsome guy’s career isn’t rocking – I hope you know about the matchfixing case…!!

manoj said...

oops, wrong game. Too many maidens getting bowled over.

what a six..madaam...landed all the way to ShoaibnSania stand...hehehe..

mikimbizii said...

I am bowled by razor sharp witticism. =)

t O m S o N said...


...u sure know how to sign off....." maidens bowled....."
very funny,ma'am

Herxlnc101 said...

So.. turns out that your "handsome guy" and "according-to-you-his-overweight first wife " were married because he finally divorced her today....

And you Ms.De, who I previously thought had some substance, are equally shallow !!

gs said...

well if he was cheated he should have gone to court or rather raised the matter at some social level between families , denialas and denials and than acceptance it proves he is lying

neerajpanjiyara said...

i think what sania is doing is not good considering the feeling & rsepect her countrymen have for her. people started giving her name to their babies. sania's name become synonymous with tennis in INDIA. definitely it must be her personal choice, but considering that pakistan is our enemy country since its origin, sania should take some moral & responsible desicion.

a hindu seeker said...


i completely agree with you on the sordidness of this old grumpy ms. de.

she tends to judge people on their face-value. (she was in the meat business of modelling, never forget that.) even if ayesha would have looked pretty hot and after marriage if she would have put on much weight due to pregnancy, ms. de would have considered the divorce-filed by shoieb on the basis of lack of beauty- completely fair.
remember, the freda-pinto case, where freda divorce the guy who she was engaged to and who was financing her modelling profession. and ms. de considered the act of freda dumping the guy completely fair. she said that it would be socially embarassing and burdensome for a woman to be married to the guy who is not as successful as her, so the divorce is fair. ayesha's case brings up the case of plight of ugly women, who are plenty in numbers and spend their lives alone. (ayesha's mom said she's never been out of the house for last 6 years, as she feels embarrased). women like ms. de objectifies women, and compels the generation of men to judge solely on their beauty, as if good nature, commitment, dont count.

she happens to be in the business where she gets hell lot of time to put cosmetics on her face and look beautiful. not all women are that lucky.

i really laugh at the idea of she calling herself a rebel. who does she think she is? she is just a gossip columnist. everybody in this world can be a gossip columnist. she doesnt have a take on some scientific invention, and some economic policies. but she opines on rakhi sawant's implanted things and paris hilton. a couple of male-bashing feminist articles. that's it. that's what she is famous for and she thinks that she is contributing to the society.
as for the wittism in her writings, i am not quite impressed. besides after spending years in one business you have to be this much good atleast.

and as for the whole case , i dont think sania getting married to a pakistani should cast aspersion on her loyalty for india. and there is nothing wrong with getting married to a pakistani.

tipsi said...

This comment is not about this post. I have been reading your blog, and i can see you have lost your sting, dear! You are becoming generous in your comments about people whom you castigated in the past. Perhaps you are mellowing with age and don't want to make too many enemies!! You have never been politically correct,and this goody-goodiness is becoming trifle boring, or maybe it is just this mean streak in me!!

a hindu seeker said...

damn!! you got the (illusioned)tiger by its tail. you are right about she not wanting to make more enemies. she knows that she is getting old and has got few years left. has already offended many people but still got labelled as a sharp and bold toungue for the sake of formality. i really liked her initially for her zeal, stamina and versatilities. but as i came to know about the inner grumpy ugly soul, i detest the whole unpredictable package.

Chandni (Chanz) said...

hahaha... i too thought on the same lines though I believed Ayesha's story in the beginning... and the hulla gulla is only because it is an indian player marrying a pakistani player... People just find issues to indulge in.. Total nonsense.. And now, it is confusing too.. Who is who.. It is total nautanki..

Unknown said...

It's nothing but the good old Indian (South Asian) wedding. Malik married Ayesha, in all probability, against his better judgment (for a better looking person). He was not that wealthy then, I guess. Money must have been the major consideration. His father, who may have "persuaded" Shoaib, supposedly, stood by her. Then Ayesha put on weight, and Malik gained money and fame. Obviously, he didn't want to have anything to do with her. Now, when he was moving on to the best girl in the Muslim community, Ayesha wanted a public acknowledgement of her marriage to him. I say, kudos to her for standing up for herself and demanding that she be acknowledged and not be negated like she was a total nonentity. And that must have been so hard to do all this in front of the whole world ! And she has thrown light on the plight of obese girls.

Latha said...

That was a good one. I really enjoyed reading it.
I thought you'd keep mum on this issue just like in the mid air scuffle one. I expected a juicy article from you on that - the Air India one involving the pilot Ranbir Arora, Komal singh & Khanna (Casting couch ?). As someone said the tigress in you is losing teeth.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Ha ha !!

The entire episode is so ditto Bollywood ... aint it ??

I wonder if it is real life copying reel life , or vice versa !

honestinjun said...

A guy who can lie to the world without blinking and face the cameras is someone without and iota of integrity. A dangerous insect who must be warded off.

Usha said...

is drame ko maaro goli!

I'm plain disgusted by your logic (if that's what you call it), Ms. De.

"“I cannot see a handsome, ambitious Pakistani cricketer falling for the rather plain looking, overweight girl - the same one we have been watching on television. These guys have the world’s best looking females throwing themselves at them. Why would he settle for someone like her, that too when his career was rocking, unless there was a catch in the story?.."

This could have very well been said by that silly neighbourhood aunty who has no better thing to do than poke her nose into every nonsense.

I used to really like your columns since my schooldays.. from a gawky teenager to a 30 year old woman, I feel I've grown up and am more mature than you at that.

You've really let me down Ms. De. The last time you did that was when you wrote that you think the housemaid who raised rape charges against Shiney Ahuja was a 'conniving bitch' because a film actor like that would be having the best of women dying to sleep with him. You were proved wrong there too. I hope you realise the shallowness in such views.

btw, I don't think the Maha/Ayesha lady looks even 5% as ugly as your thoughts on this issue. Neither do I find that shameless liar of a sportsman handsome.


Anil Kumar said...

I have said this before and have to repeat this again.

CHUTTAD Journalism is at it's peak in India. This breed of chuttad journalists on TV/Newspaper media should be given citizenship of Qatar. Either they will mend their ways or they will perish in the bylanes of Qatar.

MF Hussain's fragile ass has chosen to mend his ways so far. Let's see if Ms De's friend decides to paint a NAKED PROPHET Mohammad CHASING a GOAT and we can get to see picture of his fragile ass hanged by a thread on Qatari streets.

After Sania now they are focussing on other Pakistani having affair. The same guy who is convicted of drug abuse.

What the F&%# is wrong with these RAAND and RANDUVE in the journalism business. Why can't they utilize this medium to educate and improve the life of people.

Honour killing by brother of a 16 year old is next BIG HEADLINE. how would a brother who finds her sister who is just 16 year old in compromising position react???. Offcourse killing is absolutely wrong but in a fit of rage anything is possible.

The daily dose of news in TV and newspapers showing bollywood RAANDS kissing, having affairs fuels the kind of behaviour which is rising rapidly among teenage girls.

THESE RAANDS are visible on cricket fields too which is watched by millions. Then there are some HARAAM KI AULLAD who do fashion shows b4 and after the match where models show their ASS and players and MEDIA highlight those MOVING ASSES. Some white and some brown... THE MEDIA shows this day in and day out. The youth of India gets deflection in their penis and with no outlet like STRIPTEASE clubs in the western world they end up raping young girs, married women. Pune being a recent example.

THIS RISE OF CRIME against women is directly proportional to huge number of CHUTTAD JOURNALISTS in TV AND PRINT MEDIA.

We need to cleanup the media from such anchors and producer before India becomes a CHUTTAD state.

Ms De if you read and try to understand the relationship then I think you will not be outraged by the kind of crimes happening against women. Because those in the media are creating an atmosphere in India which ultimately targets the women for their sexuality.




WHAT SAY MS. DE??? Or you will ignore the comment and move on...

Pardon my crude language but I think that's the only way left now.

poulami said...

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Me_ 2010 said...

Why do these guys make it a big meadia issue.

Me_ 2010 said...

Why do these guys need to make a media fuss about their personal life...

Unknown said...

Ms. De, You have really lost it. Whatever you were saying earlier, falls flat on your face. You should appologize to another Indian Aayesha for you being so rude. You appear so educated, talented, mature and sophisticated. It all seems fake when you comment on someone's physical appearance (Aayesha being fat). I wonder what will be your reply if some one start calling you Kaali Badsurat Buddhi who was never satisfied with one man in her life. Angry?????????, I guess so.This is what could have been reaction of family member of Aayesha. Now truth is out and everyone is aware about the wrong things which Shoaib did to her. Instead of feeling sorry for her, you choose to critisize her (also about her physical appearance). SHAME ON YOU. Now on, you have lost at least one fan of yours.

Pooja Rathore said...

Ma de you have your own imprint for penguin and the first indian author with this distinction ( i read your interview in TOI 'shobhaa de , penguin script a new chapter') very happy for you and proud and i know you will do your job well as you always do.Best wishes.

riya manna said...

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Unknown said...

you have a lot of free time don't u?

Unknown said...

I really feel this issue was being undue importance..leave them alone who cares what sania mirza does and who she marries??it is not of national importance. And our country definitely does not need to was us who gave her a platform to represent our nation and she did not respect that!
Sania is pathetic and lets just not feed her ego!!!

tipsi said...

If none of you (the posters here) were interested in the Shoaib-Ayesha saga nobody would have read this blog entry - so don't be hypocrites and say why is the media making a ruckus about this issue! Let's face it - whenever there is some masala, everybody is husband too said that the media is going i told him why don't you tune off and listen to other stories..

Harish said...

where are u De??? kiti diwas happened.. no word from you ... missing you.. come back soon naa!

Anil Kumar said...


Forget about Sania's coverage. The issue is bigger than that.

The argument you are making is a typical American argument.... If you don't like it don't watch it. That argument holds good if you are past your puberty age and matured into an adult and know what is right and what is wrong.

Don't forget that there are millions of youngsters who are exposed to such masala news day in and day out. When both you and your hubby are out for work they watch everything in countless serials and hot bollywood movies present. And they want to experiment with what they saw.

THE PRIME REASON there are more shocking rape cases happening frequently against women comes down to CHEAP journalists in every news channels and people who control news media. They are fueling the mindset of youth towards nudity, vulgarity and disregard for morality.

Remember what goes around comes around. If these masala news comes after 11:00PM at one should be bothered. But to show CHEAP advertisements even during the kids cartoon programs is a national disgrace. Only a country like India can allow it.


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@Shobhaa de Maam

TODAY my hubby said looking a couple celebrity in IPL,"Ahh..they dont have an affair.."!
My reply,"TRue it cant b an love Affair, she is his MAHA Aapa"!

The whole personal issue turned public! No one to blame! Just cash cache and TRP flames!
~ Perhaps celebrations follows!

A true MAHA drama...having true colors and MASALA, perhaps a path from Maha-Mockery to Maha-Marriage through all the Maha to S4 brand..!

S4=Sania+Shoaib+Sports+State/ country

Let's CELEBRATE life:)

~Keep the Spark ALive..

Pem said...

Thanks for your interview with Aishwarya in Hello Mag.
How come it wasn't longer though? I wanted to read more about her.

Parender Sethi said...

Really nice comments on the issue madam. i have done hand analysis of shoiab and sania u can view that at my blog.

Aparna Velankar said...

Hi Guys,
Our dearest Shobhaa, THE Glam GrandMum of Penguin will now be running her own imprint- Shobhaa De Books- with Penguin.
check this out...







tipsi said...

@ Anil Kumar

Wow! That was a lot of vitriol spewed!! I don't know whom you were raving and ranting against?? Was it against the news media, entertainment channels, Bollywood films, music channels, or is it that you are generally angry that girls are having a good time now…. Frankly I don't watch most of the programs on TV. I take serious offence to the term 'half prostitute and half journalist'- it displays the typical Indian male mindset towards the female!! I think some of the journalists/reporters/ news channels do a commendable job bringing so many stories to light, exposing scams which we would have been unaware of, if it wasn't for the media coverage!! As far as corrupting children's minds is concerned, I would consider the Internet a more dangerous medium than the TV. The graphic pornographic content in some of the sites is enough to blow even an adult's mind! How do you shield your children from that? There was one poster who said he does not find anything wrong in a honor killing coz the relative/brother would have done it in the 'heat of the moment' and that he was justified. That kind of thinking is really scary!! Rape happens not because the perpetrator has had an overdose of 'Saans ki bahu thi' or has spent the night watching semi-clad women gyrating to Bollywood numbers. Rape is a tool used by the male to dehumanize the woman! It happens everywhere even in the remotest corners of the world the Congo, Darfur Liberia, Sri Lanka, or our Indian villages where people live a subhuman existence, forget about TV exposure! I grew up in a one-horse town, in an extremely restricted society, where females (particularly college students) were subject to groping, touching and lewd comments about body parts! When I came to Mumbai, I felt so liberated –such things did not routinely happen there, where there was a healthy interaction between sexes.

We are definitely moving towards a freer society...girls are getting financially empowered and they want their voices to be heard too! The West too had their puritan and Victorian eras once upon a time. There is always a price one pays for progress, unless you want to go back to the Palileolithic Age! Don't get so worked up about TV programs. There is a voyeur in every one of us and that is why people get so excited over the Shoib/Sania/Ayesha type of masala stories!! It is the Western tabloid culture which has pervaded our society too. We want our daily fix of sensationalism. In fact the day the divorce took place, 75 jawans got slaughtered by the Maoists – but I bet you very few would have watched that news coverage. I was tuned to Times Now and Ms. De was on the discussion panel and being a fan of hers, I was curious to know what her take was on the Sania/Shoaib story!

Anil Kumar said...

You must be from journalist breed or your close one is in this profession. That's why you are fuming.

Don't put words in my mouth. A country can't progress without the role of women in every sphere of life. I want to empower them with every possible way and I am not against it. I am opposed to their ways of becoming BAJARU and doing vulgur /masala gossips on TV in the name of journalism. There are loads of crap journalists both male and female who have become Dada Kondke.

I am not against Shobha De...I think she does fantastic job most of the time.

Mr. Lalit Modi has still not answered to my request on sending his wife as IPL cheerleader in two piece bikini??? May be she can go one step forward and come as topless...Why ape the west??...Show them we are ahead of them...

Who told you that you need masala news to have healthy conversation between opposite sexes...:)

You are need daily dose of sensationalism...EDUCATED class of this country still has this mental block. Whatever west does people like you follow blindly. Unfortunately we follow mostly bad stuff. There are loads of GOOD stuff in western country too where every member of society contribute for the well being of those who are not so fortunate. But the good things take a back seat in this country because we have too many people with your mindset.

If we continue to follow American path...and stay their puppet...very soon you will find out bollywood actress will start giving NUDE scenes. And their argument will be same as their Hollywood counterpart...which is I wanted to liberate myself and I feel very confident now.

Believe me it's just a matter of time.

a hindu seeker said...

@anil kumar and

i completely agree with your arguments, anil kumar. as for the comments of tipsi about typical mindset of male about women, it is completely feeble.

tipsi, if you would be concerned about the mindset that men have about women, you would be thougthful about plenty of beauty contest for women. it's surprising that women themselves happily participate in these beauty contests, where they walk on the ramp wearing those bikinis, and bras and swimsuits and urge people to judge them on their quality of flesh-and-bones, thereby objectifying themselves, and consequently when men look to them as sexual objects they have got objections to it. those women who participate in those almost-nude modelling shows are happily exploited and are paid millions of dollars to do nudity, so dont bring up the illusioned plight of these women in the media. there are plenty of women who give out nude photos on porn-websites to earn money, exploiting the vulnerable male libido and then if men instigate some rape, they are not solely responsible for that. women dont want to put any cloth-displine on them saying that 'if men dont put any displine on them, why should we'. but men dont go around exposing their penis in the world (they pose topless, but for them chest isnt a sexual organ, but for women breast actually are).

as for the western society, that you are giving example of, let me make you acquinted with some facts. 44% of marriages in america end up in divorce with child custody always going to women (due to their stereotypical image of being primary care-takers, it's surprising that women dont hate stereotypes here) and the husband has to pay alimony to her as well, thus creating a world where fathers have been made disposable entities and boys are raised up by single mothers who grow up becoming unattractive 'mama's boys'. that's why we have 13 million families in america being raised up by single parents, and 85% of them being raised by single mothers. women's liberation movement in america has just led to promiscuity, prostitution, divorce, break-ups, and reservation,quotas, funds, concessions exclusively for women at the cost of diminishing the needs,wants and contributions of men. and due to that in american universities, women make up 56% of graduation seats, and 61% of post-graduation seats, and now they are celebrating v-day for women. because it wasnt about equality for them, it was about take-over. in the name of equality, they promoted sexism, misandry and seeked exclusive concern, special attention and privilages for women. you will witness a steep fall of america in the years to come.

@anil kumar,
you are right, every single hollywood actress has done nudity in america to make their way to fame quickly. (and i really mean, every actress)
tomorrow, women's sexuality will become so common, that it wouldnt be this much charming and appealing. (the accessible something becomes, the more it lessens its value). this leads to teenage pregnancy, objectification of women, and legalisation of prostitution. all these thing will happen in india, like u said, it's just a matter of time.

Aditi joshi said...

Very nice article.
Best wishes

Me_ 2010 said...

I was waiting for new post over the weekend. I m sure loads of your followers were waiting too.

Parender Sethi said...

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Parender Sethi

Anil Kumar said...

Thanks for making it clear for woman like Tipsi with statistics. I am always in minority on these issues. The people who are shaping this country have sold their souls for quick bucks and call themselves journalists. They are worst than politicians in many respects.

Anonymous said...

Mam...i have always loved the way u write ...but when i read ur article in BT i thought u were a bit too harsh on the girl...and now since we know she wasn;t lying...put urself in Ayesha's shoes when u said that a handsome guy wouldn't fall for someone plain - The girl probably read ur article and felt miserable about herself and how others view her.

Yes u had an opinion and voiced it (democracy et all) - but it would be gracious to admit u were oh so wrong on this the girl and her family at least!

P.s Shoeb Handsome???????

Kalyan Panja said...

That was interesting reading. The joke going on currently is, Without being selected for his national side Shoaib happily enjoyed his wife's income for a year.