Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dubai ki Chakkar

Ok. so it is 45 degrees in the shade. And I must be demented to be Dubai bound at this time of the year. But I do have a daughter and son living there... and you know the rest about ma ki mamta etc. I'll be away for a week, bonding with the best. Like Akki, I may not 'waste ' my time blogging from there. But unlike Akki, my brain just might start shrinking in that desert, forcing me to seek more fertile pastures via the blog. Keep visiting. Am keeping my fingers crossed I don't get a Mika type passenger next to me. The last time I was returning from Kolkata, guess who was seated a row away? Yup, it was Mika. Lips all puckered up to kiss the first victim, after Rakhi Sawant.


dayanand said...

7 days, OMG , you will be missed so much

Ipshi said...

Hello Shobhaa, I'm Ipshita from Mid-day. We spoke during your press chakkar of Superstar India. Your blog is amazing and i wanna cover it for my page. May i please?

priya chavan said...

Hey Shobha..Talking about Mika...have you heard the song "ae bhai tune pappi kyu li"Its extreamely hilarious...Mika and meet brothers came up with this song after the kissing incident.Its really funny...You must listen to it and I would love to hear your comments on that :D

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