Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mera Baap .... worth it

The hell with film critics and their snobby reviews ( come on fellas,Sarkar Raj sucks!), 'Mera Baap , Pehle Aap' was just the most perfect film to watch on Father's Day - yup, i fell right into the trap..... went to a fancy lunch at Frangipani (divine filtered light, superb whole wheat pizzas), and felt like we were all auditioning for KJo's next - it's all about loving your family , and all that mush. The lunch went on till 5pm ( fuelled by virgin Mojitos, if you please ), making it the perfect moment to go giggle - what better than through an unpretentious Priya- darshan film with an idiotic title. Loved it!Laughed my head off. Ate too much popcorn (yes, even after that whole wheat pizza) and generally felt good about life. If a movie can make anyone feel like that, it can't be all that bad, right? As for that new wench called Genelia ( honey, take my advice and change your name, it sounds too much like a female sexual organ), she is utterly delightful. I'm hoping and praying she doesn't turn all filmy and sexy. She is refreshingly young , innocent and unspoilt at present. Akshay Khanna was adorable... but the most amazing performance came from Archana Puran Singh. I suspect her inspiration was Mayawati.

I am off to Hyderabad at dawn. May or may not post for the next two days. I love the city. And plan to come back with a handi of biryani and mirchi ka salan. Till then, miss me!


dayanand said...

Critics are unsuccessful talented people. If you want to enjoy a film, never read the critic`s verdict...... you are quite right.... when we want to laugh, we dont take advice from someone ( critic)

anand said...

IT was nice to see you enjoying the film than doing it the other way round of what you did while watching "sarkarraj"

sanjuayyar said...

I liked Sarkar Raj. Let me be more assertive. I really liked Sarkar Raj. I didnt like Mere Baap...its atrocious.
Sorry, but had to differ as I really really hated this flick.

mistercrowley said...

Frangi! Damn, I miss that place.
'Mere Baap' was fun. One of those movies where you can leave ze brains at home and be sure that they won't fry long-distance :)

*Aham* said...

thanks de,

i so very agree with you re,

after reading your post about mere baap i watched it yesterday night.

ohh it was so much fun. priyadarshan, understands the pulse of the audience.

haan kabhi kabhi he goes overboard with his marathon race depiction just as sanjayleela bhansali does with his "door opening" extravaganzas. (just count the number of doors that ashwariya opens in hum dil de chuke, devdas and nangu kappoor in sawariya... you will not know whether to laugh or to cry.. hahahhaha)

but overall, mere baap's a stress buster.

the soon to be taklu, akshay looks hot as well as acts well in the movie.

critics are antiques.

oft , i feel they make an attempt to prove that they are cerebral.
but sadly, their efforts bear no fal.

sindhuhappygoluckyhollygolightly said...

I feel that akshaye khanna is one of the most underrated actors in b-town. he is a rather cute and adorable baldy unlike rahul who is smoking hot, hip and tres cosmopolitan.

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