Friday, June 13, 2008

Not 'Happenening'

There's something about this dude Night Shyamalan that puts me off. For one, I think he grossly overrates himself, for another, he takes us desis for granted and talks down constantly! This is seriously annoying. We ask for it, of course. Whoever thought him worthy of a Padma Shri in the first place? The guy shows up to receive the national award like he is doing INDIA A FAVOUR! He claims he had never heard of the honour in the first place .... but what the hell, he deigned to accept it. Oh the timing wasn't too bad, either. He could plug his new movie, hire a publicist to give all those lofty interviews, and generally behave in an obnoxious way. We, of course, took it! Nobody gave him tight. Not even when he asked who Amitabh Bachchan was, and pretended never to have heard Shah Rukh Khan's name! Oh puh leeze. Go away!
Now that his film has tanked, maybe Night will come down from his high horse. We are sick and tired of being patronised by him. He has got the worst reviews and even Hollywood is beginning to tire of all his boasting. Sure. I see dead people. I see him!!
Lalu the Blogger! I adore Lalu, and I hope his blog is as sexy as he is! Haven't checked it out so far. But love the idea of Lalu letting the world know what's going on under that thatch of hair. If Rabri also starts her blog, they'll really rock the world, those two.
Meanwhile, there are cribs galore. The lovely Tasneem Mehta was complaining about the Mayor of Mumbai asking her to change the name of the Bombay School of Art to the Mumbai School of Art. Vexed and visibly upset, Tasneem wanted to know how a generic name could be changed to suit a narrow political agenda. " Can the Impressionists be called by any other name all of a sudden?" she demanded. Yes, honey. If they were Maharashtrians.


sanjuayyar said...

People like Shyamalan are temporary and will wane away into oblivion faster than they themselves think. In fact, by dedicating a post to him, I think you too are giving him undue importance. Let us forget such asses even exist. Lalu blogging, is indeed the most refreshing and entertaining piece of news I have come across all week. And by changing everything into Mumbai, I dont see how things will change. I like Bombay. And I will always do.

Shobhaa De said...

but what do we do with the narrow minded fanatic who are determined to rewrite history and give our amazin city a bad name? who dares protest??

dayanand said...

Hi there, M Night is over rated as a directer .. but he is a wonderful story teller so as a screenplay and story writer he is good. He is a celebrity here as there is no match to him from India in Hollywood. Same like Sania Mirza and Thailand`s tennis player who are famous just because over one else in their respective country is worthwhile.... I can close my eyes and bet 1 million dollars that Sania would never win a grandslam...... even if she gives her best....But i am sure, some other Indian may win in someday

*Aham* said...

Manoj night shyamalan, acha, the guy who made 6th sence and i didnt understand the essence of teh movie even after watching it twice and applying all the sence. If a movie manages to confuse you.. the director is a genius. Manoj Night Shyamalan, watch our Raj Kapooor, Guru Dutt, Bimal Roy, NavKetan, Shyam Benegal, mani ratnam, Satyajit Ray, Aamir Khan films, you need to take some lessons from them. I saw him on NDTV, shameless chap, firangi saala, hate to call him an NRI.

lalu teh blogger, yeh ek sexy khabar hai... i will take a peep and share my experience with you.

mayor of mumbai, shubha raul, tried and succeeded in getting a judgement in favour of shutting down hooka parlors. ok. Moral clensing. good. but mrs raul, why dont you ban cigerrette in public places or see that if there are laws for smoking, then they are implimented. please mayor saahiba, dont trouble yourself if you have pressure from above, i know ciggarette manufaturers have lot of money. teh offices and signals near mantralaya would also be stained with pan. what happened to your anti spitting campaign.

I am against mumbai, subha jee, i wish mumbai should be Mumba Devi, the original name. come lets change it again.

madam, there is something known as "brand values" and "brand building". which you will never understand. ohh why am i muttering so much, i know, that people these days beat up people who speak, in this land where freedom of expression is a birth right...

De, my sympathies with tasneem. an institution is referred to in feminine gender especially in hindi and marathi. ask mayor saahiba to change her name instead, and the institute will follow suit.

disgusting people.

Anonymous said...

hahahha@ Shoba,
Girl, you are priceless . As a callous but deeply embarassed NRI ( Yes I am your contemporary from the Old city of Bombay ) we had to suffer through Night's obnoxious ego arepresenting an Indian success story .Living not far from his beloved Philadelphia, ( we are really sick of his zombie locales of Penysylvania and his Me Me forays in every film a la Hitchcock ) we have to suffer periodic announcements of his forthcoming films ( Only the incredibly patient Americans will finance his egotistical disasters.)This one fluke wonder just needs to go away to Rehab and Indians need to stop celebrating him by just ignoring him .I left India 30 years ago and am the most ardent Indophile
and I am deeply ashamed of the likes of Night
( I have a daughter and son who were born in the Americas but are very cognizant of India and all things Indian and wear it proudly from Shahrukh Khan to "Thair Sadam"
So what is Night's problem with his identity ? ( Manoj whatever)
Just grow up and remember a nation of one billion with rising clout can just afford to ignore you.."Swat"

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