Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Bruges

A bright and beautiful girlfriend ( I don't have any other kind!) called to say she liked my blog because it was soooo me!! Now, that's a compliment. Since it is so me, let me recommend a movie I watched last night with my sleepy daughter and thought was very me as well . Oh God, this is turning into a nauseating me, me, me post, and I am not even Kamalhassan or Aamir Khan! Sorry. Let's get back to the film - 'In Bruges' starring Colin (Yum!) Farrel and Ralph (Yummier) Fiennes. Of course, the film is very Irish. In other words, dark, dense and depressing. But it is also most intriguing, honest and freaky. The Video guy who has become my daughter's new best friend, told her it was a love story. She believed him. And I believed her! Love story?? Not a chance. Or, one can call it a verrrry twisted love story. As a thriller with more crazy twists than the Ganga, it is unbeatable. As a brutal portrait of life on the run for hired killers, it is insightful and scarey as hell! The script features midgets, prostitutes, perverts, dope dealers, priests, pregnant ladies and.... and... more. Watch it. Oh the title refers to the medieval Belgium town called Bruges. Amazingly enough, just a couple of weeks ago, A tv producer walked in to make me an offer I refused. He was from Bruges!And I am still alive!Ha!!!


dayanand said...

hi there... you seem to enjoy a whole lot of film genres from commedy, to classics to drama to whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Girish Mallya said...

Hey nice to see you take reader feedback and implement changes on your blog.

And yes I also like what you are doing with your blog. Nice to see you being regular with it. Am quite sure that you will soon be writing your next book on the PC instead of paper (and that will be a big change!!).

Shobhaa De said...

guys keep those comments rolling. am off to Kolkata for a couple of days. Shall catch you on monday. bye till then.

sanjuayyar said...

oh my goodness! machher jhol and bhaat. i really envy you now. you just wrote oh-so-elaborately about the biriyani from paradise and the mirch ka salan and now, betki and hilsa! this is called being blessed i guess.

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