Friday, June 20, 2008

Kolkata beckons

Guys, I am going to be away over the coming weekend. Can never resist a Kolkata visit, despite the travel time and the ridiculous flight schedules. I love Kolkata, and I'd like to believe Kolkata loves me! I have relatives there from my husband's side of the family (Hello Arjun!), and I have wonderful friends ( Hello Jayabrato!). Good company and great food form the basis of this on going love affair. As good a reason as any! I mean , think about it - good food cannot be enjoyed in isolation. And good frinds cannot be met over lousy food. They can.... but what's the point? Years ago, My husband and I spent an enchanting evening at Jayabrato's home discussing the BEAUTY of Topshe maach for forty-five minutes. We got to the taste later, after it was consumed. Post-dinner conversation revolved around, what else? Maach! What we should eat the next day, and the next. I have yet to master the subtle art of relishing betki\hilsa with refined delicacy . This involves an intricate skill using a dextrous tongue to discreetly remove the fine bones of the fish INSIDE the mouth, without choking or spitting. I tried it once and nearly died gagging on the damn things. I guess I had to concede I was no Sharmila Tagore at that point. Ever watched a Bong lady sucking on a fish head? Man.... that's what I call erotic! Surprising that Rituporno has not included such a sequence in his movies so far.Well.... I'm off. Smoked Hilsa, here i come. Back on the blog on monday. Ciao Ciao till then.


dayanand said...

hi there, this is not the right time to go there as its flooded

vedika said...

Trust us Capricorns when we talk of food...yummmm!!

dayanand said...

Miss Congeniality. 2 days without comment/posts....... welcome to the busy club, ma`am

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