Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lady in red

There's something about women in red. Yes. Something red hot. And daring. Which is why I was a little surprised to see Bollywood's demure bahu no. 1, dressed in the colour associated with danger, at the recent IIFA AWARDS. She looked incredible. It was a 'new', 'improved' Ash. Critics might label her makeover as vampish, but what the hell. Rather a fire engine red pout than the anaemic pale pink she prefers. The make up was top class, as was the swept up , gelled hair. She looked like a mega star, which she is. Now, if only she'd got her hubby to wear something slightly more imaginative than that butler-style tux!
Here i am on another rainy, drippy saturday evening, looking forward to a dinner of chicken jalfrezi (after years!). The only hot news in the mornin's papers has been about the Brothers Ambani, who are back in action. Muks seems to be on the warpath. First, he shuts up a pesky share holder at his AGM ( now now Muks.... calm down. What would daddy think?), and next comes a salvo against RCOM. Journos are khush. At least there's something to plaster on the front page besides pot holes and manholes. Though, the need of the hour is definitely pothole journalism as compared to peephole!
Tanuja Chandra's latest movie 'Hope and a little sugar," disappeared without a trace some time ago, which is a real shame. I rather liked it. At least it was trying to say something contemporary ( the setting and story involve New York, post 9\11 ), in a sensitive not sensationalistic way. Perhaps the distributors chickened out and other factors hampered a wider release. But her protege, Amit put in a far more watchable performance than all those dud starsons hogging the limelight of late. Mahima was not too bad either, if you could forgive that Dolly Parton wig!Here's a weekend idea. After a 'Mrs. India' contest, how about a " Ms.Divorced India" one? some of the hottest ladies floating around are divorcees! Maureen Wadia, go for it. Success guaranteed.'


Roy said...

Hello Ma'am,

Excited as from now on, we can read Mrs Shobhaa De in blog too - great!!

Hope, the blogworld wont get stopped flooded with ur writring.

Would love if u just give a glimpse to my blog (whenever u hv time)


*Aham* said...

Dear De,

Ash, gori chamdi that she is. {she is the "Gori"est chori in the AB family(ohh i forgot about the nearly extinct species called "jaya")}ash looks good in red and she looks yuck when she dresses up stupidly...

Regarding Ambani ka war, sometimes i feel, that its a business strategy, rather than one mega power, we have 2 biggies eating our mindshare and we are forced to form an opinion on either one. gujju ganda boys are good with strategy and their business acumen is fantastic. what say?

tanuja chandra, yes, i feel she is a woman with great capability but her pr is bad. she should do something really big to create news. How about going to orphanages or leaving the rumour mills whistling by creating some love affairs and then contacting medianet for some paid publicity, tanuja. try it out na.

Regarding maureen daadi, i wonder why she speaks so much during the telecast of the fashion show. "o m g daadiji, understand our tastes na, we need to see skin, thats what we watch gladrags for, whether it is mrs.india or supermodel, kuch bhi chalega, but just keep teh necklines going deep and deep... and for fags and fag hags, we have manhunt which is paisa vasool chamdigiri... "ohh they look so big in small cheddi's" {sorry,ewww i crossed limits of decency} De, of the phukat ka footage that she takes, i have counted, maureen has 49 wrinkles on her face, and another 7on her neck and down below, whats your count De?

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