Saturday, June 7, 2008

Salman's show

Watched the most expensive show on air right now, and thought to myself, " They are paying this cutie 90 crores for this?? What are they thinking?" It is not even 9 C's. Monotonous, boring and lacking in sizzle. Plus, the guy gets to keep his shirt on! Come on.... do you really want to see Bad Boy Sallu in a strange velvet jacket that only croupiers in Las Vegas wear in public?
He needs many things if the show has to work - and those include a stylist, script writer and a brand new idea. Salman may have the best vanity van in the business. Maybe they should shoot a very different sort of show in it??
Am off to meet an Aussie lady whose idea of fun is to trek in the Himalayas. I envy her stamina and spirit. I love the idea of trekking. If only there were modern loos en route?? Oh.... I notice the reviews for 'Sex..." are pretty mixed. Love and Labels are what women want, right? I'll let you know after the show. Have advised my husband to take a sleeping pill. He loathes chick flicks. And his idea of sexy footwear for the ladies does not include CHOOS!


sanjuayyar said...

Hi Shobhaa,

I do agree that the Salman Show is nowhere close to being called interesting. Vanity Vans and Velvet Jackets apart, he also looked quite disoriented throughout.
Maybe he also needs a couple of sleeping pills so that the next time around, better sense prevails.
expecting to hear more on the lanka trip from you besides the bombshells.

anand said...

Yes, it was not that interesting but the timing is good considering no big criket and monsoons.
Salman lacks intelectuality and that shows more often now.

sheetaldc said...

A shirtless Sallu would be a great improvement for sure! But i think the main purpose of the show is to show "bad-boy" sallu in a more humane light...and that i think they have achieved!

If i sound liek a die hard sallu fan...sue me...I am! LOL

But seriously, its the same adulation, silly questions, celeb guests et all on all quiz shows....
Mr Bachan, however staid and aloof he may have appeared, did set a hitherto unsurmountable benchmark.
SIGH...I still see 10ka dum, if only to see sallu's dewy eyes!

*Aham* said...

I abstain from forming strong opinions on anybody.
but salman khan, he is a brash young ass. he rams his vehicle on people who people who are sleeping in teh road, he kills some even the more very innocent chinkara's for fun, he bangs his girlfriends door in the dead of the night... throws attitude by the dozen, so much he does, but still he is popular. Jai Ho PR ki.

no matter how much I try, i cant get to like him.

i have zilch respect for this guy. i feel he is all pretention and no empathy. and yeah, he has no substance...

even the questions in teh show are so funny...

i saw one show of his where bhajji and yuvi were there... teh question was something like "kitne pratishat mard be jhijhak sab ke saamne hawa chodthe hain" which means "what is teh percentage of men who fart without any botheration midst everybody"... ohh as the show. so is salman. silly.

ritz said...

ok well here i see there are hell lot of people who are against salman and his stuffs done in past.But i would like to let you all people know, lets assume it he's bad boy in bollywood, if thats so why do there are hell lot of fans still supporting him, why are his abundant fans cry or pray to god when he had been in jail? inspite of being such bad ass as u people call him so ? why do people watch his movies ? why is he called the superstar of both classes and masses? well the answer is simple .. you like it or you dont like it but you cant go off from salman khan, unlike any other star *srk* ... there have been obligations salman doesnt know how to act and so only he aint got any awards for best actor. Well answer for that salman doesnt do films for awards he enjoys his way of acting and living so only his fans do.And people go to watch his films only to watch him , well thats the impact of this superstar in indian film industry. And about the show dus ka dum , lemme tell ya its gaining one of the highest trp shows ever in sony television's history ,and thats all because of salman's presence

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