Thursday, August 14, 2008

Childline needs you

I have to be upfront - vested interest and all that.This has to do with the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning the judgement of the Mumbai High Court in the Anchorage case , involving two Britons (rearrested) accused of child abuse.CHILDLINE, THAT TOOK UP THE CAUSE OF THE MINOR BOYS 7 YEARS AGO, discovered to everybody's horror that the middle -aged Brits were about to waltz away - acquitted of all charges. This has got to be a really perverse legal call, given the sensitivity of the case and the overwhelming evidence stacked up against the Brit 'do gooders' at the shelter in Colaba. Oh, the vested interest reference is to my direct involvement with Childline - I ran the Dream Run at the Mumbai Marathon two years ago, to raise funds for Childline. I can proudly claim that I managed to raise a respectable amount that far exceeded the standard contribution. This was possible because Shikha, who works with Childline, was a great motivator, who pushed me into pushing myself. It was a fantastic experience, and I am glad I participated.I got to know more about Childline's activities through Shikha and other social workers, and pledged my whole hearted support to it.Well, the next Mumbai marathon is upon us, and though I won't be running, I'm planning to help out regardless.Starting with the 10th September initiative.The date 10 9 8 also happens to be the helpline number for children in distress.Several interesting initiatives are being planned around it. For more info, visit the Childline website. And if you too feel strongly about the Anchorage ruling, make sure your voice is heard. Because children need us. Desperately. And paedophiles must be punished. MUST!!


flygye12 said...

SHITES ! I'm not in Bombay on 10th :(

Sree said...

Hello Shobhaa,
I had no idea you were gonna take blogging seriously.Visited here last when you had just one single post.Its nice to read you,as always.

Also,thanks for writing an article about my fav blogger,JB.Even though only those who knew her could figure out who she was,it was good to read nevertheless.


Gazal said...

great to see a celeb blog with a mission.

Kris Bass said...

I guess the guilty should be served the punishment. By the way, I'm still confused about the recent press reports saying that these Britons were actually innocent. I guess I can believe you.

And Aham, I understand your plight being another molestee myself.

Angel's Flight said...
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Angel's Flight said...

Just pleased to see u blogging

on the post itself ..I will not be in Mumbai on that day....but I am glad there is some awareness on this issue

As for these people...hoping to go free hoping around ... waiting to go on their next vacation and moving on to ruin more innocent lives..I think a Middle eastern Wahhabi country might be the ideal destination...considering there is no concept of FAIR TRAIL there...!

All they know there is CHOP CHOP!! that that in this case might be the most suitable thing to do :)

rainboy said...

like *Aham* said there is no law for child abuse here.
these guys must be punished in the worst possible way.

alx said...

nice dat pple like u who can influence r contributin 2 d society

hop it becomes a grand success

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Rock on Shobha De! I am so glad you are supporting this cause and bringing more awareness and publicity to the need for a social awakening against the terrible tragedy of child abuse. It is unconsiecanable (sheesh how does one spell that) that as thinking adults we should allow this terrible injustice to be swept under the carpet. We need to protest and vociferously too!

Another Kiran in NYC