Monday, August 4, 2008

Shravan Monday

Driving back from Alibag this morning, listening to Gotan Project, I wished I was in Buenos Aires. I love the tango, and fantasise about the day I shall arrive in Argentina, meet an exceptionally talented dancer... perform in Havana.... and never come back to this ridiculously monotonous life, avoiding potholes and pot bellied cops at hazaar nakabandhis en route. Alibag may be divine, but getting there and back is no fun at all. However the sight of several Ganpati idols being transported from Pen to Mumbai, lifted my spirits a little. As did an enforced stop at a highway hotel incongruously named Marquis Mohur, serving 'pure veg' greasy food to desperate motorists looking for a loo (No lights. No water ). I was fasting (first Shravan monday), and in no mood to watch my children hogging stuffed alloo parathas dripping ghee. They told me I was just jealous(I was!).To make matters worse, I received a call from Sharmila Thackeray (relax. It wasn't a threat from Raj). It was about - food!! Her friend Aditi Limaye, runs an amazing restaurant in Dadar called 'Gypsy' and right now there is a Shravan Food Festival going on. This was torture! I was famished. Irritable. And discussing kothmir wadas with Sharmila.What could be worse? Watching 'Ugly aur Pagli', said Noel, my daughter's piano teacher, as she attempted to play 'Lara's Theme' for the zillionth time. I like Mallika Sherawat almost as much as Laxmi Mittal likes her. But not when I am fasting and thinking spiritually uplifting thoughts.More slaps than kisses in the movie, said Noel sadly. I told him to watch the original. It is Korean. What irony! Someone copied a Korean original!!Just for that I shall watch the bloody thing.Blingggg is Kingggg launches on the same day as the Beijing Olympics. I'll watch Akshay. You watch the opening ceremony. We'll compare notes later.To all my blog dosts, a belated Happy Friendship Day!


Kris Bass said...

Guess what! The film industry is taking the steps of the music industry. Korean songs became Atif Aslam 'classics'. Korean films became Bollywood 'tragics'!

Harish said...

Alibag and back, by car? o m g.. did someone dare you to do that? lol.

[i]Ferry leke jaldi pahunch jaane ka... or if that is too junta,[/i] Gautam Singhanias fast boats/catamarans that are parked in gateway?

What Ugli & Pagli is copied? I didn’t know that. Now for a change, id watch the movie and then go hunting for the original Korean DVD. I like Mallika’s boldness, contrary to popular belief, I find her to be an intelligent actress. She has played her cards right. She has had all flops, yet a Hollywood film in her kitty, sprite advertisement etc. When it comes to morality in politics, or cinema, Id rather respect the Openly SLUTTY savtri, than the make-believe SATI Savtri .
I believe this girl has the balls. (In whatever way we take it, that is.)

No no, no Olympics for me. I’d also watch Raja Singh instead! I really thought that the film makers will do a do-gooder act at Star Voice Of India ‘Ishmeet Singh’s death. But thank god, they didn’t think of publicity through the funeral of a teen aged child. I respect them for that. Let’s see what we have to say after watching the movie. I think even Katrina is looking Jhakaaz in the movie, and after Akshay’s Raja Singh act, Hairy chest, facial hair… hair hair everywhere, will suddenly be in vogue.

rainboy said...

i'll watch akshay too...

and a belated f day to you too.

Arjun said...

the tango is a very very energetic dance... I trieed learning it years ago from a certain Mr.Rodrigues... got stuck in foxtrot and da waltz!!

interestingly...why do you wanna learn in Argentina and perform in Havana (cuba)?

Arjun said...

We did a lot of travelling to this place called REVDANDA close to Alibag when we were kids in Bombay!

My friend has a great WADI there and we always crashed it for Christmas, new years and any other time if we wanted to go nuts!!

Al Walling said...

back to food...
i knew u'd eventually come back to it anyway

Anonymous said...

M'am De',

I want to try to be politically correct but, now even the vada's will be different between cousins of mumbai? Mc Vada and gypsy Vada? what a timimng Madamjee?

Whats original in India M'am? Stamp Papers? Notes? CDs ? Wills? Evidences? Medicines? Films?

Each and every thing here is contested in Courts now. Then you have the hierarchy? Till(Talli) you reach Delhi?

If you win you get the cake however stale it is and whichever monday it is.... To Eat or not to Eat?

I wonder the lawyers who say they are just doing their JOB? Whats that?

Vinod Agarwal - Devil's Advocate

sanju ayyar said...

You kept away from discussing food for a real long time. But then i can understand how much 'kothmir wadas' mean. more so on a shravan somvar :-)
Alibag, well, isnt my favourite. There's a place tucked between alibag and murud called Kashid. Its a small village with an awesome stretch of white sand beach. And the village locals can cook some real delicious crabs.
Check it out next time for the food and food only. The kashid beach on weekends morphs into juhu with hordes of gujju families doing what they do best. Eat.
And the gujrati women hit the beaches wearing typical sarees and salwars. Result? An otherwise decent beach is punctuated with makar sankranti colours and the landscape looks horrible. Add to it empty family packs of Lays, Kurkure and beer cans and its disaster.
But the crab does compensate. Amply.

Sameera Ansari said...

Belated Happy Friendship Day to you too :)