Monday, August 25, 2008

Missed me??

Stop! Don't answer. Why force anyone to lie.... act polite .... and say, "Oh Yessss!" I'm not fibbing when I say I missed you.... missed this space. No excuse. Just one of those Never on a Sunday thingies. Meaningless, really. Not as if I observe the Sabbath, or was doing something exciting. Or was I ? Well... that depends on whether or not you find watching Mallika Sherawat 'exciting'! She's one gutsy creature, and I love her for it. Smart, too ( heard her on cnbc, and not once did she say,'ask mummy,'). Why then does she act in such dumb films? I went to see That Mughal -e- Azam nonsense just for her. And I was not disappointed - by her. She is incredibly hot, with a near perfect bod ( like Malaika Arora's... but more voluptuous). She acts better than Rahul Bose ( at least in this turkey), and sizzles more than Bipasha Basu in the Lucky Boy item number from BAH.BUT SOMETHING VITAL IS CLEARLY MISSING FROM THIS RED HOT STAR'S RESUME. It's called a HIT. Why?? Any answers?
If you ask me, MAXIM has got its ratings completely wrong. Deepika P IS THE 'SEXIEST WOMAN ON EARTH?' Are they kidding me? She would not win a Miss Dombivali contest - no figure, no sex appeal, no looks. I mean.... look at her closely. Go on... jawline? Too wide. Eyes? Bulging. Hair line? Untidy. Speech? Verni. Sure, she is graceful and can act reasonably well. But she ain't hot! She is not MAXIM material. Plain and simple. It's like Playboy bunnies and impressive chests. You don't make the cut unless you wear a D+ cup. Maxim falls into the same category. Just like a Sonam Kapoor or a Soha Ali Khan (unclad and airbrushed in risque lingerie) just don't cut it in the sex appeal stakes, neither does sweet Deepika, who is like a Kori roti - it needs fiery chutney to spice up the taste. Mallika is the entire masala ka dabba on her own. Huge difference.
But we all know how these so-called polls work. How easy-to-fix they are. It is all about the money, honey. Is anybody fooled? Naah.


rekha badlani said...

Well said about Deepika... Mallika is in a league of her own! I made the mistake of waching Mughal-E-Azam as well only to be disappointed. Then again, I also watched Mumbai Meri Jaan. Quiet honestly, I liked it. The stories were simple and realistic. I say this was a Paresh Rawal weekend! But one thing really bothers me... after reading all the trade news... How the hell is it possible that Phoonk (aka a poor version of The Exorcist) made more money than both the "M" moovies? Shobha, did you dare to see either of the other two releases?

kaleidoscope said...


Just what I wanted to hear. Even I was aghast when I read (what's her name again ?...)Deepika P. being voted the sexiest. I was like yeah right! Except for her height, there is nothing exceptional about her. And her diction? God save me! I think she urgently needs some English lessons. Besides, only the tipsy (read Kingfisher) can see Diva in her.

As for the polls and all the hoopla. Well, even the TOI online is yet to publish my comment on this "Deepika meets sex-symbol" nightmare!

Are all the beautiful men in agreement with me? HA!

VIDYA said...

i think deepika is really pretty, but like u said Defnitely NOT maxim material.

Harish said...


true. mast hai.

yeah, what moughal e azam. i liked her in khwaish or whatever that film was called.

she has an attitude. when she was with rekha in bachke rehna re baaba and i didnt look at rekha at all. In the other film with rahul bose, a pritish nandy flick... she was awesome.

She simply marketed herself wrongly.if you have seen bachnaa.. i identify mallika with bipasha basu's character in that film.

a broken marriage. full of anger. lusty body. dare devil attitude.

i feel she has great poential. she simplt has to rebrand herself and she will be numero uno.

i like deepika. but she is no maxim material. definitely not.

Shobhaa De said...

Guys. This is just sooooo frustrating. Check bouncing ke baad, mail bouncing!! I guess I'll have to stick to this space for now... bear with me.
I am so kicked by the latest Hari Puttar controversy, can't think beyond it. Chor pakad gayaa.... finally!

flygye12 said...

ha ha ha...finally something i totally agree with Shobha De about - Deepika...wish she had stayed on doing Badminton, maybe we wud have had another failed olympics attempt

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse we missed your pithy commentry! I checked your blog a couple times for updates and since none were forthcoming I drowned my sorrows in a few (okay quite a few) late morning mimosas. Thank god for cheap faux champagne! Sunday ke Sunday!

Never seen the desi version of Maxim, so I dont have any opinion regarding perception of bra cup requirement for Maxim. Perhaps the critera is changing? Perhaps they are being more inclusive of a softer, gentler sexuality? Perhaps Deepika was just plain smart in choosing the right publicist and media consultants? I think the last reason is probably the right one! More power to that. I think she is smart, and somehow canniness counts for more than just looks. That makes for Lambi race ki Ghodis. All that being said, I like Deepika and as long as she does not get carried away by this prospective Kapoor bahu business, she will do well by herself. Towel Kapoor (loved that... hehehehe) may or may not happen to her, but she needs to keep her head focussed on what SHE needs to do for her career.

Mallika - e - azam... the girl is just a delight. She needs to make better business decisions and get herself a better publicist and work the media much better. Work it girl!

Of all the Chhammak Challos twitching thier hips in Bollywood today....I can very easily see a more diverse and international showbiz future for Mallika. It is very doable and probably what she was cut out for. Theoretically, she has everything it takes. And most importantly she doesnt have any monkeys on her back (like Aishwarya for example, who ostensibly must check with pappaji and Bacchanon ki izzat and izaajat before making any moves). Those monkeys (ha!) can cost huge careers!

And whats the deal about speaking in the vernacular versus speaking English? I think the tone is condescending. I dont like it. What to do... we are like this only...we speak in broad vernacular accents AND we are completely delightful!

I think I shall go check on my Tattinger stock and buy more oranges. We do have more sundays coming up no?

Another Kiran in NYC

Anonymous said...

Oh and what is the latest Hari Puttar thing? Tell, tell no!

Another Kiran in NYC

Praveigne Meruwa said...

oooo D+ cup, never heard of D and that too with a '+' My general knowledge is limited only to B, bad GK.. he he he.. :-D :-) :-!

Kris Bass said...

Why do I feel left out while reading this post? Oh, I know why? Because there aren't any men involved in it. Well, excepting Rahul Bose. But who cares for him anyway?

Arjun said...

intersting... i had my wife reading the MAXIM top 100 and she'd have agreed with you.

I know Deepika is not the No.1 hot ICON of our times.... but me does find her attractive.

But I think MAXIM have tried something they'd have left untried.... their entire poll reeks of a teen hormone charged fantasy!!

I guess that's why she was there in the last issue!! The Hangover persisted after the party ended!

aravind said... all depends on luck is the only thing that cannot be changed..........btw it was gr8 post.............

Mister Crowley said...

But you've been gone only 2 days..

Anuj Talpade said...

You're bang on, lady! As always. I've so often wondered what the hoopla around Deepika is. All the salivating amongst my buddies only leaves me baffled n bemused.

She's very average in every way barring that towering height (which isnt such a good thing in Bollywood, anyway) and a great sense of style (but that could be courtesy Rocky S/ Manish Malhotra, Aroda whoever)...

What totally needs to go is the Parle Tilak Vidyalaya hangover, .. She's GHAATI not in the "I'm MARATHI n lovin every bit of it" kinda way like a Madhu Sapre who I totally adore... she's just goody-two-shoes-with-an-accent-problem. hehehe...

Mallika Sherawat is sexy alright.. great body, a seasoned womanly face and a "I know what I want and how to get it" air .. Very appealing on a more base level, if you know what I mean. Hmmm! I love your observations, they're BANG ON lady. And each piece you write is poora masala maarke .. yet seedha dil se. Full dhamaal. Love you, De!

Anonymous said...

ms. de if u get the chance pls. i just wnated to know in detail what u think of Deepika Padukone like as a person an looks wise?

any positives..too?don't you think her personal style is any good?

take care and please do reply

Divoo said...

That was bang on! Guess all HITS fall in the laps of "miss popular", "miss goody shoes", "miss controversial" (for all good reasons like having an affair with a mr. goody shoe), and other such blahs. Hope Mallika gets blessed with a hit soon!

Double Seven said...

You've just been my mouth piece... lol... I have felt the same thing about Miss DP over the period of time ever since Om Shanti got released. She's a super-hyped material of sorts and nothing more than that... that was inevitable because she was making her debut with Shahrukh Khan in his home production flick plus she's the daughter of Badminton legend Prakash Padukone and plus she is an established model in her own right as well. But taking these three factors into account (being Prakash Padukone's daughter though not being a deep-pocketed deal!) I think Maxim chose Miss PD as their brand girl for their issue's most sexy woman from India. Her prose in English is just so awefully "middle-class". I am not being mean or anything to it but just so I feel that is... her impromptu speeches on news channels are so weird and "trying-to-be-humble" kind.
I don't know man I may be wrong but all I can say as everyone mostly has rightfully said- Deepika Padukone is not worthy to be the most sexiest woman under any darn circumstances. Period.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly is wrong with being "middle class" or having what is being called...oh so kindly and euphamistically ... "a ghati accent problem"?

You live life and learn dearies. Life is so much bigger than that.

Another Kiran in NYC

Double Seven said...

"Life is so much bigger than this"- I completely am with you Kiran on this.
But I was just trying to make a point there. I believe the context with which the discussion had taken place was well-supported by this statement .
I hold nothing against the way a typical middle-class household speaks in India... even I belong to that same category of middle-class Indians...

My father always preaches me that "what matters is your success, the way you work in the work place- but educational background or degree accomplishments often hold a very little weightage in determining all that".
Very true "Another Kiran in NYC". I am with you. Go ahead... Keep enjoying THE PLACE on Earth!



Anonymous said...

Double Seven, so glad that you and I agree on the basics. So we meet halfway then :) Excellent!

In context of this blogpost, I truly believe true stardom (yes even in international show business) transcends accents and other indicators of social and economic class.

Another Kiran in NYC

kaleidoscope said...

Well I am still convinced that Deepika's sex appeal lies in nothing but her height.

Her accent drives me up the wall. Which doesn't mean she can't have a PLACE in this world. It simply means she is not impressive the way she talks. I still remember Lara Dutta and her Miss Universe winning speech. Boy! Her intelligence and confidence was in her diction.

Besides, if "bad-handwriting is a sign of an imperfect education" (Gandhi), bad-diction is a sign of confused disposition of words.

I have heard Deepika briefly in an interview, and her diction surely sucks!

I am convinced she needs spoken English lessons to be called "sexy" internationally. Period!

Double Seven said...

Thank you. Thank you, Another Kiran in NYC.
Well another thing now- I know there would be many more Kirans in NYC, but why put that whole statement here on Shobhaa De's blog?! Any specific reason for that?

And as for DP's case is concerned, I believe she has a very long way to go now. She has yet to showcase her true talent and all.

And as far as weird accents thing goes, from Hollywood I give you the best examples- Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek- Both terrifically hot; both Mexicans; both have weird "American" accents.

Takecare Another Kiran In NYC and again telling you - keep having fun with THE PLACE, and also this time, the present UshaKirans in NYC daily- those UshaKirans will not last for the rest of the year... you know that... Cya!


Double Seven said...

Lara's strength lies in her deep-throat voice. I love it!
Like- "Laaara".. I don't know can't explain...

But well said Kush about that - if "bad-handwriting is a sign of an imperfect education, bad-diction is a sign of confused disposition of words."
I appreciate that.



Anonymous said...

Double Seven, Why put the whole thing down... ummmm... because that is my net moniker (for some purposes anyway). Another Kiran in NYC suits me just fine.

I am very unclear on what "THE place" is and who "UshaKiran who will not last all year" is... but I will assume that you wish me the best in whatever place I am at. Thanks!

Now I must be away and get some work done. Another day, another dollar, to put paranthas on the table tonight. Sigh!

Cheerio and pip pip and all that!

Another Kiran in NYC

Double Seven said...

That was a PJ (Poor Joke) that I was trying to crack in front of you; but I see I've miserably failed in making you laugh?... Well I purely think so.

UshaKiran means Sunlight, right? ... So since in the city (New York City) there isn't much sunlight during and starting in the month of October, my advise to you earlier was to enjoy it before it vanishes.?! (how dumb you would wonder)..

I ♥ New York- that's the best place in the states after Vegas and SFo that I feel. That's how I referred NY with being THE PLACE on Earth. Again wondering how dumb..?
My suggestion to you- don't wonder too much; eat the paratha! lol.
I ♥ Deep Parathas man. Crazy flavors- onion cheese, potato and plain lachcha paratha. good shit! ...

With all due respects, I think that's the dumbest of all the ideas of keeping a nick. Heights of ludicrousness. *winks**sighs*


Anuj Talpade said...

whats ur sunsign double seven? U have a kooky sense of humour .. i bet nobody wud've got the Usha Kiran thingy NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRIED. But you're funny in a good natured kinda way .. loony-funny!

And dont judge Kiran and his/her nick ... you're 77 now, grow out of these things!

sanju ayyar said...

well, this space seems to be used for everything else. Guys come on, comment on the post and dont use it as a battlefield to and hurl written missiles at one another.

@ double seven
you need to be cautious about what you write. you probably can't imagine the collective hatred that will build up against you if you stick to your 'unnecessary' remarks like 'middle-class'

Double Seven said...

sanjayyar I write only the things deemed legit. I don't mean to target any particular class of the society. I was just making a point... and it's my personal opinion. you are welcome to confront it.
And I said this according to what I have observed in my junion college... there were people from far suburbs of Mumbai... But I never said that they're less "cool" or something you would have perceived that comment as... thank you!



Double Seven said...

sanjayyar I write only the things deemed legit. I don't mean to target any particular class of the society. I was just making a point... and it's my personal opinion. you are welcome to confront it.
And I said this according to what I have observed in my junion college... there were people from far suburbs of Mumbai... But I never said that they're less "cool" or something you would have perceived that comment as... thank you!



Double Seven said...


Double Seven said...

** There were fellow students as far as Bhayander and Borivali. And their way of speech was not as same as others who cam from Juhu or beyond from the south... They could be easily distinguished from others from far away... hence I say that because I've experienced that... And I don't mean to look down upon such a lifestyle in anyway... they may have been brought up in a different environment than many others like me that's how the difference arose.

Peace. good night... got to attend Kishore Biyani's seminar tomorrow... adios amigos... ciao.

Shobhaa De said...

Guys, guys, guys. Chill out!! Don't take things so personally! u r behaving like squabbling school kids. What does it matter? I consider being middle class as the ultimate badge of honour. We all speak with desi accents. Big deal!
Jhagda mat karo. Let us focus on pyar hi pyar....

rekha badlani said...

LOL! Shobha I was beginning to enjoy the cat fight here. Me thinks you should write a new blog (how long has it been already?) so we all can fight about something else instead. What say you?

Anonymous said...

So what happened with Hari Puttar? What was that teaser about?

Dont leave us hanging here!


Another Kiran in NYC

PS... and it isnt really a catfight because it hasent degenerated into arguing about Nazis. That usually happens about 75 blog posts in ! Now thats a cat fight and a half!!! Hehehe

Double Seven said...

Sagittarius. Why what happened?
Ya I get that a lot of times- my friends say that I have a terrible sense of humor and that I'm quite random all the time... random thought keep revolving around in my mid and that too quick and impulsive natured ones... I am with you anuj.
I later gave a thought on that EPJ (Extremely Poor Joke) and realized that I have finally crossed the barrier of being soo weird and kooky as you mentioned... indeed.. but that makes me more content and satisfied.. at least I am aware what I am and I always try to improve and self-educate and learn on a minute-by-minute basis. I have that inquisitiveness drive to learn new things every time.



Anonymous said...

M'am De',

It's all very simple for me. The Publicists are doing their job great and much ahead of the release. Bacchane Ae Haseeno.. says that loud and clear. how much it helped the distributors time will tell soon.

Hurry (Hari) Puttar was to happen sooner or later. If i say anything further it will amount to contempt of court.

Vinod Agarwal - Caught between woods.

Prash said...

We (human beings) constantly think only two things in our life : Sex and Money !

prash quoting Freud

I agree when you say:

It is all about the money, honey

Harish said...

de, Abhi kuch masaaledaar, dhamaakedaar post... post karo! lets shift focus.

bahut ho gaya... DP ke naam pe TP.

Looking at your post responses
AK. DP and MS...

or even better,

how about making a remake of bachna...where we could have AK with DP MS and KK.

ekdam mast superheet jodi (apostrophe s)

Bazmee, Dhavan... Nandi... for the latest on film market trends I very strongly recommend De's Blog.


Anonymous said...

you were spot on with sonam & Soha on maxim's cover. Laughed wildly as i read your descriptions of the so called hottest ladies on maxim and the most beautiful gals on planet.
Now sonam it seems has taken notice of this blog and is calling you a pornwriter. Seriously do you write porn? If yes do tell me, cant wait to read it. I am messaging sonam too to tell me where did she read some porn written by you.

athi said...

Saw dis post recently after d recent news of sonam calling u a pornwriter. Digged dis to find wot tws all bot.

Love d way u have humbled deepika. Most people I know find her very ordinary and I've seen people discussing at length about what's so special bot her. Sure she has grace period. She's just the sort of gal u wud find pretty in a mall or on the streets. Der is nothing at all extraordinary bot her. Have seen more gorgeous gals around.I wud even give more credit to sonam kapoor and soha ali khan.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog, after hearing Sonam Kapoor's comments.

As far as i am aware she has never done a 'sexy' or lingerie editorial shoot, and i don't think she's trying to get the sexy tag like others.

Anonymous said...

heyy all.. hav gone thru d blog twice over.. n it left me thinkin.. r u kiddin me?? aall the mentioned ladies r pretty pretty ones.. DP winnin maxim sexiest.. wats wrong? lovely eyes, hot bod, height n the smile n top of it.. d gurls 's surely gonna go places.. n yeah probably u need to grow up beyond the conventional rules of sexiness now... sonam n soha.. both r sexy in their own ways.. y compare them with likes of mallika?

n yeah.. talkin about DP's accent.. u prove yet again that you aren't barely anything more than yet another social butterfly livin in ur hypothetical all goody richie rich, smooth talker world who harp on their humble middle class upbringing just to add a sympathetic element to their profile.. english ain't our mother tongue.. wats wrong if sum ppl don get it rite..for a country as culturally diverse as ours.. no harm if u are heavily accented wid wateva ur mother tongue is..
has flawless english become the criteria for becomin an actor or a star in acountry where most of the ppl aren't evn close to it?

such a comment on one's accent completely offends me as an indian..

morover.. on a humourous note.. shud we be commenting on someone's diction as if we were born cryin in fluent english..

Anonymous said...

hi to all this. about your comment on sonam kapoor, im going to have to mostly disagree. I think she presents diffidence to such a great extent both on as well as off screen, that it is almost impossible to classify her as an 'unclad'. Instead id like to add to your comment: she might not be sexy just YET, but she certainly has more poise and grace to her credit than any other actress in the industry. which strongly makes me feel that after a long long time, we have been able to come across an actor portraying such flawless purity. Sanjay Leela has even compared her to the great waheeda rehman and rekha earlier, and i happen to agree. What do you have to say?

Anonymous said...

Deepika might not be sexy, but that doesn't mean she's as ugly as u describe. And as far as Sonam is concered, she has eternal beauty. The kind which is crafted by nature and not by a doctor.... U sure have an opinion but it seems to match that of a bihari rickshaw puller who goes to only see those DD boobs and nothing else... there is more to beauty than just those DD.s..time u grew out of them..

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with shobhaa de??why is she picking on deepika padukone for her diction?i think english is not her mother tongue...i too am not very fond of deepika but i think what is more important is how she looks on the screen how good or bad she is as an actor....for me,she's got a great screen presence and audience want to see more of her...if having a poor diction is the reason for someone being non-sexy then many french and mexican actors should lose their sex appeal.

Anonymous said...

I agree except for the fact that you say deepika can act...uhh..are you kidding me?!!?! she barely spoke in OSO..i can even do better!! and have you seen BAH??? JUST HORRRIBLE ACTING!!! love aaj kal she was jus OK but thats cuz the role was "more like her character" deepika is definately not all that! Sonam is a MUCH better actress ill give her that and shes beautiful!

Unknown said...

ms. shoba,
i hate what you have written in your blog for the sheer fact that it is derogatory, i agree that mallika is 'bombshell' in her own way, but did you wait to ponder whether deepika deserved to win the title because of people's ( whose vote mattered in poll) opinion. anyway please stop abashing people and be more positive on your remarks, not such sleazy comments( i do mean this with utmost respect).

vijay khuman said...

you were discussed in koffee with karan, hehe

Rohini said...

The fact is Mrs De they are all actors( the people you've mentioned above) and have a position in the industry....Why don't u try acting before criticizing others...
and really, you don't have an opinion about EVERYTHING!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
parvathi said...

I totally disagree with whatever u've mentioned above, Mrs. De. First of all, if Deepika wasn't capable of winning 'Miss Dombivali contest', I dunn think she would've been in Bollywood today. The very fact that she is a part of it shows that there is something about her which people have liked and accepted.There is no necessity to criticize her so much!

N secondly,so what if she can't speak english fluently? That's not something her profession demands. If u wanna sit n comment about one's ability to speak english fluently,go become a Hollywood critic!! I agree that it's good to learn an international language like English.. but u can't say such stuff about someone just because they've an indian accent. Moreover, Mallika can only talk about how superior she is and not even prove it in her profession. And that is sexy according to u?! Wow!!

N also, Deepika has improved a lot in every aspect..acting, communicating, etc. N she definitely is more versatile than Mallika as an actor. I guess u connect with Mallika because she can only do d kind of scenes that u write about!!

Rohini said...

**you have to have an opinion about everything

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

LOL see whoz talkin abt people being ugly!
n u very very badly need 2 get outa dat crapy shell u live in!!! :)

Kannan said...

shobha de is nothing .She just goes around saying bad things about other people and thinks she is very great.For once she should look at herself in the mirror and go around abusing people and saying things about their background and personal life.

Shiv Karthik said...


Waaw.. good blog. Its carrying for an year now.. Deepika P & Sonam K are doing what they are good at. Shobha is entitled to her view how ever much I disagree. Something that Shobha doesnt want to write is Mallika's way to stardom and Deepika's. Its for everybody [except Shobha D] to see who had a class act to it. I wonder the king of bollywood chose Deepika P and not Mallika S or Shobha D for his home production. Wonder it would have been a case of towel slipping for Shah Rukh as well. As far as sex appeal, no figure, no looks and yet doing very well in the Glamour and fashion Industry.. Surely Deepika P rocks.

And Shobha D is right.. its all about Money, honey. is anybody fooled? Naah.. and thats why Shobha D is a professional writer..its all about Money..honey.. is anybody fooled? NAAH.

Shubhangi said...

Saw Koffee with Karan and somehow it feels like the girls have had the last word in this car fight ! Shobha was being deorgatory and a snob with the things she said about Deepika and she better be ready to take some of the mud she flings on others !

Unknown said...

I think You should have a closer look at yourself, before judging bout one`s personality and their upbringing. Its good to have a opinion, but having one that would question One`s self esteem and put someone down as to where they are coming from is purely pathetic. Don`t misuse the power of the ink. We don`t choose where we come from but can always choose who we become. Power of Karma, what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

lady, u leave me wonderstruck (n i mean tht in no flattering way)...i've heard n read about menopause but u seem 2 b da live example of it....ofcourse u'd find mallika hotter than deepika ur trailing age its obvious tht u'd want 2 recommend sum gud 4 nothing female instead of sum1 who actually has sum talent n beauty...n if u should b taken as a expert on judging beuty u shud b 1 urself...have u looked at urself in da mirror nytym recently??u shud b cast in da Dawn of da living dead....enough said aunty...go back 2 shooting darts at da pretty actresses...mayb tht will give u some

Anonymous said...

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chet said...

I think you should be ashamed of yourself...Taking potshots at actresses who are younger than your daughters.....What if someone writes bad things about your daughters, will you like that?????Will you like it if someone writes that your daughter avantika looks like a molkarin bai?????Be sensitive of what others might think about your writing....And yes i do feel that Deepika is Gorgeous....

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree I definitely think Deepika is sexy. She has slender body and sharp Indian feautures. Something we dont get to see often. She may not be the sexiest but she is definitely the sexy one in the industry. (who is of Indian origin, otherwise it has to be Jacqueline!)

Holy River said...

For a woman with a reputation of undergoing various cosmetic surgeries and botox implants.. I say nobody else is more deserving of commenting on women's beauty? Wouldn't you agree Shobha?

Anything Inside The Image said...

I agree with you. If you want to respect from others show also respect to those who people you've talk to or you've met.

Personal Injury Accident Attorney

Unknown said...

Shobha de needs to stop bitching about people & start bitching about herself /

ram said...

Shobha de on menopause hahha...someone must see cocktail yeh jawani hai deewani and recent ram leela. Deepika is smoking hot. De better apologise for a rather quick judgement.
If she thought mallika is hotter well...that's her taste. But what can u expect from a soft porn writer. Her choices must be skewed. I usually don't go to such lengths to express my opinion. But De crossed the line but commenting on Deepika.

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I must say, your comment on "Missed me??" caught my attention. It's refreshing to read a candid and unfiltered perspective. I can relate to the feeling of missing a particular space or community. It's like a part of you is missing, and when you finally return, you feel a sense of belonging and familiarity.

As for Mallika Sherawat, I agree that she's a gutsy and smart woman. It's admirable that she can speak her mind and hold her own in a male-dominated industry. However, I don't think it's fair to judge her film choices or her lack of "hits." Every actor has their own journey and reasons for choosing certain projects. Perhaps she prioritizes creative fulfillment over commercial success, or maybe she simply enjoys the process of acting regardless of the outcome.

Regarding the MAXIM ratings, beauty is subjective, and everyone has their own preferences. It's unfair to compare and criticize women based on their physical attributes. Deepika Padukone has her own unique charm and talent, just like Mallika Sherawat does. We should celebrate and appreciate diversity rather than conforming to a narrow standard of beauty.

Overall, I appreciate your honesty and perspective, but let's remember to be respectful and mindful of others' choices and experiences.


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