Friday, August 8, 2008

One billion Indians. Zero medals??

Ok. I confess. I am a pessimist. But only when it comes to cometitive sports and our radd-thobda athletes.A couple of hours from now, millions of viewers the world over will be glued to their tv sets waiting for the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Me? I'll be eyeing a different sort of athlete doing his thing - Akshay Kumar.We need more Akshays in our national squad - fit, ambitious, focused and raring to go people,with Akshay's killer instinct.Instead, we have rounded up the usual suspects and packed them off in ghastly, ill- fitting, shiney blue suits that make even the sexy Sania Mirza resemble a Punjab Highway restaurant hostess - just this side of dhaba chic. Medals? Don't make me laugh. Apart from our sharp shooters and weight lifters, the others are there for time pass. Nobody expects them to win - and they aren't about to surprise anybody either!India is anything but a country of losers. So what happens to our sportspeople when they go overseas?Howcome such a huge nation can't produce even a single real champion?Ethiopia, for Chrissake, routinely throws up medal winning marathoners. ETHIOPIA!!
Well... at the annual Satyanarain Puja at our home last night, I sent up a small prayer for our great and good Olympic hopes.As the green -eyed (I swear!) pandit rattled off sanskrit shlokas mechanically and at break neck speed, I put on my best pious expression and kept a beady eye on the pure ghee prasad (saffron sheera ). Didn't want our Irish Setter to stick her nose into the handi and defile God's own food. Kiara (the setter)is a real foodie (wonder where she gets that trait from???). She loves Italian coffee, freshly brewed. And the divine honey -and -cracked wheat bread (from Moshe's)- well toasted, of course . Last night she discovered Nalini's cupcakes. Hold on. That sounds more obscene than it actually is - my daughter Arundhati received the said cupcakes, baked and packaged by a certain Nalini, as a birthday gift from her friend Anoushka. Clear enough??They were sinful -looking,but being a good saraswat brahmin woman observing the holy month of Shravan, I skipped the treat. And took Kiara's appreciative bow -wow ,as approval. Would love to take Kiara to the movies with me. But then, I'm not Paris Hilton... and Kiara's not a Chihuawa.
If Singh is King, is Katrina the Queen? Watch this space...


rainboy said...

Unfortunately for us Indians, the cricket crazy ppl, cricket was part of the Olympic games only once - in 1900, and even then India didn’t win, Great Britain did. The subcontinent has won a total of 17 Olympic medals - 8 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze - disappointing for a nation of India’s size. At the Athens Olympic games India’s solo win was a silver medal in shooting everyone from Finland to Cameroon left India behind. It’s been nearly three decades since India took home a gold. PriceWaterhouseCoopers expects India to bag 6 medals during the Olympics. India’s hopes are currently pinned on its weightlifting, shooting and boxing athletes.

Al Walling said...


Harish said...

hehehheh! yes yes so true.

Come on de. They get vilayati chakkar na. how lucky they are. heahahah

People don’t really care for any other sport in India. Baaki sab are just momentary. Even the hypocritical Shahrukh’s make believe love for Hockey didn’t do any good for the sport.

Most watch Olympics or any other sport to spot the players innerwear or because they are tooo very sexy

Akshay is a true hero. And I love Katrina (now, she gets brownie points, as salman is history for her.) I want to watch Singh is king as well. But then I thought De ko dekh lene do, id read the review and then go.

Smart no, I am.
Paisa Bachat, Thanks to my blogdost "De".

smiles :-)


Kris Bass said...

Well, for one thing we Indians hardly give importance to sport while we/our kids are at their age. This applies to other fields as well. It always has been academics. I state my own example here. I'm a trained surgeon but I am planning to do music in the future. I love my surgeon-hood. But I used to love music more. And when it came to choosing safety, my parents chose to make me just do studies. I had to become independent from them to choose this now.

@ the dog: Do they allow dogs at restaurants/movies in Mumbai? Not even service dogs?

alx said...

u indeed speak bitter truth
bt we stil ve 2 keep in mind the facilities provided 2 our atheletes or lack f therof should become d talking point
afterall dey r d best v produce n all f us shud b ahamed of ourselves

Sameera Ansari said...

May the best man win.

Awww Kiara sounds like a cutie.Please put her pic up sometime :)

Have a nice weekend!

@GirishMallya said...

I was waiting to post this comment. Yes, we got our first individual gold (ever) and am sure we should have atleast 2-3 more medals (boxing, archery and tennis).

Reflections said...

@Girish Mallya: even me, even me....ref. ur 1st sentence:-D

@shobha de: read this when u posted so mad, wanted to get back at u ever since but the poor performances history spoke for itself, so had no leg to stand upon.

today I'm back to float it under ur nose. More will follow...just u wait. I have faith in my countrymen:-D