Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ooooof. hate going away

ummmmm, there.... I said it! Hate going away. Blogging is addictive (even if you don't get paid to blog LIKE SOME PEOPLE WE KNOW!). It is also far better than maintaining a silly diary. Last night, at a posh dinner ( incredible pumpkin quiche! Great with chilled Pinot Grigio), the talk was about Mayawati.... she is on everybody's mind all of a sudden. I concentrated on the art ( excellent taste), not the arty people hanging around trying to sound extra-farty. New galleries, old galleries, auctions, architecture, heritage.... oh puh-leeze ...spare me the discourses. It was all wonderfully fake and self conscious - Mumbai's well bred, well read phoney brigade, sucking up to the firangs and trying hard to impress. We fled in under an hour, and listened to Gotan Project in the car. I have been promised Carla Bruni's cd by my son. If he doesn't deliver by tomorrow afternoon, I shall cancel his khichdi.
Meanwhile, the Euro Cup final on sunday is up for grabs! There are sponsored parties galore. Everybody wants a piece of the action - beer guys, hotels, socialites.... sab kuch phookat mein, boss. Why not? All that mauj majaa .... and Page 3 coverage too! What the hungry won't do for publicity and free daaru. Wokay.... on that note, I bid you adieu for now.
I want AB as my best friend. If he can 'present' Sanjay Dutt a 50 lakh AP watch (kis khushi mean?), he is definitely the sugar buddy to have.


*Aham* said...

i had been to jehangir art gallary and there i saw some mumbaichi porgi's from our (thats my mother institution too) sant jhavier college, doing some page3giri. i had gone there with a friend of mine who really understood art, and i didnt. there was this photo which looked like a trunk that the jhaviers kudi was waooing... i couldnt stop myself, i went upto her and asked her, what was beautiful in the picture. she just said, "the painter has such deep thoughts, i can see nihilism" i then, didnt understand what nihilism meant. but i did know that she didnt know what the picture wished to portray either.


(De, yes, blogging is addictive. and your blog is super addictive. they speak about so many things and they, like your books, are heartfelt. i cant hold myself from typing a response. come back soon)

dayanand said...

Hi there,

your blogs are super addictive. Its not like others who run a mutual praise society... when a fan praises the star and star says thank you and this continues

anand said...

your blogs are cooooooooool..... better than tv serials and boring news..... frank opinions but not bitchy ones

Anonymous said...

M'am De'

"Vadde logg vaddi batein".
We can only lay hands on Newspapers and the blogs... And Please dont cancel the khichdi we call it emotional Blackmail.

Vinod Agarwal - Another Aspiring Page 3 invitee.

mistercrowley said...

A 50 lakh watch? For what joy, I say? Not like it's going to speed up jail time for him or anything ;)

dayanand said...

Still no entries............. we are waiting

dayanand said...

4 days, no blog articles...............waiting waiting and waiting