Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rejoice! Successor found...

Here's some brilliant news! Nari Hira (the Magna bossman.... and my first and last boss)told me last night that he had found my successor. Never mind that it has taken 30 long years! But.... she's here, she's hot... and he will be unveiling her in the next issue of 'Society'.I know you can't wait that long to find out her identity, so let me reveal it right here, right now. Trumpets.... roll of drums.... the lady's name is Simi Chandoke (she was also one of Nari Hira's editors ). I am delighted... big bhoj off my shoulders. Congratulations Simi! Nari insisted I had become too establishment for his tastes ( well darling, I am not editing Stardust, anymore), and that Simi is the one who really, really rocks!! I completely agree. She sure does. I love her spicey, sexy, spunky column in Bombay Times. And the picture is delicious, too.
Happy , Mr. Hira ?? Ha. Ha. And welcome to the crown, Simi.
Gosh... do I hear several sighs of relief??


Arjun said...

congrats on finally getting some relief!!
Does that mean we'll see a lot more of Shobhaa De in the online world?

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

Honey, your a national treasure. No one can replace ya.

Anybody who thinks so is delusional. :P

Harish said...


your successor... and Simi.? BILKUL NAHI.

well she has her own style, i, at times feel she is forcing an emotion or faking it. at times i like her writings.

where as in your case, you are always true... i dont feel im reading a computer generated blog or article thats a copy paste job when i read your writing. Yes i feel at times that you are in a certain mood and that mood flows in your writing. But thats what makes it so believable and straight from the heart.

I know where star dust was, when I was a kid and what star dust is now, Nari Hira has no Hira left, after having lost this Nari... (I mean you.)

What was star dust before during your reign. It was not a Hair cut saloon magazine. I loved teh black cat.. nettas natty and all that stuff... gossips galore... it was the first magazine to report the new kids in tinsel town...Kareena and Abhishek... and also Hritik...

I "was" a great fan of the magazine. I didnt know then who Shobhaa De was. But I loved the magazine truly. I couldnt afford buying the magazine then, mommy thought it was waste of money. So I used to save money and buy the old magazines from RaddiWaala. This was one magazine and teh other one was "G" Glory, Glamour, Grandeur... I loved the small booklet that gave the filmography of the actors.

Simi Chandoke achi hogi. But dekhte hai how much copies does nayee naveli teh editor sahiba manage to sell.

smiles :-)

Kris Bass said...

What are you going to do with the extra time, De?

sanju ayyar said...

oh! so i can see a new book hitting the bookstores sooner than expected.

flygye12 said...

talking of books....ha ha ha...i still remember one book i had read long long ago(i was of quite an impressionable age then) had something to do with comparing the tea or milk boiling and semen or something... maybe i didnt understand it...but if it was wot i understood then...i wud like to say it was disgusting yuck...and now that i write about it i think i have that book

scampers off to look for the book

Pravasi - India said...

Hey people! I have been reading both Shobha and Simi over the years and I feel Simi has her own style that is very unique.
I feel happy for you Shobha that you are off with your 'boj' and conrats to you Simi.