Monday, July 7, 2008

Dubbing Shubbing

I think I have hit upon a brand new vocation - dubbing!! Tried my hand errrr, voice, at it this evening and discovered I was pretty good . Like, AMAZING! Ahem.... there are times in ones life when modesty seems misplaced and slightly ridiculous. The pros present told me I was good, okay? 'One take artist' and all that. Hmmmm... is there anyone out there in search of a husky voice? Yes?? I'm your woman. Haven't had so much fun in years. The studio was freezing....colder than the Arctic Zone..... or Maureen Wadia's smile when Preity is around. Next time I'll take a blanket, gloves, boots. Of course there will be a next time! This was only a test run. My voice debut. I shall happily loan my services to Kangana.... gawd that woman sounds awful! Enough bragging for now. It is just that the experience was so refreshingly new, I kinda got carried away. Monday is nearly over. Prateik's proud aunts are trying to reach me - one from Geneva and the other, who lives here. Raj Babbar is silent. Verrrry silent.


Harish said...

yes de, wonder why you haven't explored dubbing. incidently, i watched your barkha dutt show (the affluenza thingy) on NDTV videos, online... poor internet connection ke vajah se,the sound came earlier than the video. But i did recognise your voice. It was distinct and unpretentious. (No, m not flattring, ask anyone, you have a distinct, easily recognisable voice)

Now what next De, is it going to be Morning No.1 With RJ Shobhaa? (id love that if it is so)

Smiles :-)

Danny said...

Just added something to your log list of hobbies and pursuits

Anonymous said...

M'am De',

How about dubbing political speeches of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi? I am sure they will have a totally new perspective in your voice and of course it will be easier to converse with Sharadji in your own mother tongue accent (if that is now)may be they understand each other better, then, when we may soon see them discussing the MP list.

I am sure the Sound engineer with all reverbs mixed may make you sound like her? And if you are good you may eventually dub the movie soon to be made on her life.

Bestest Best why dont you give a competition to Deora's for a change. Your own voice with your own opinion. When JayaG and ShabanaG can do it so can you. They came from backdoor Rajya Sabha seat you can come from the front Lok Sabha seat.

Shobhaa Taii Try kara kii...

Vinod Agarwal - Believes in promoting the girl child so what if she has reached a Grand Mothers age only in the birth certificate.

Mister Crowley said...

Ha. Of course Raj Babbar's silent :)

Sameera Ansari said...

That sounds a fun thing to do.Enjoy the stint! :)

Unknown said...

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