Wednesday, July 2, 2008

spoil the mom.... and spare the child

yup. I have arrived at that happy spot in my life where a gentle reversal of roles has taken place. While in Dubai, it was my daughter Arundhati who took care of me in the sweetest possible way. Small things, from making sure there was an extra pillow on my bad, to leaving written instructions each time she left the villa. She cooked for me AND took me partying. Now that is a huge compliment. I am sure I took the average age at Boudoir up by 30 or 40 years, but while I was around, I enjoyed the set up. Especially dealing with the bouncers who kept asking Arundhati to produce her photo id. Come on fellas, she is 22, and was out with her mother, ok? I hung around in my brand new tiger print summer dress (H & M . JUST IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING), and was ready to bounce after half an hour. Loved the music, and the crowd, but couldn't handle the thick cloud of cigarette smoke. Arundhati dropped me back and went to some other club - NEW ASIA?? Must ask her. We had been there together and witnessed a really sweet but chaste Hen's Nite party at the next table. Why did all those chicks look so glum? I think I know - someone was getting married! Cheers.


Anonymous said...

thanks mom, haven't been frequenting your blog and on my first real visit - i see your entry from Dubai....
I will always take care of you

Harish said...

:-) thats cho chweet arundhati.

De, in the patriachial society that we are in, wordsworth said (in male chauvanistic tempo) "Child is the father of man " yes might be true with the Man(un)kind.

But reading this post I can def say... "A Daughter is the Mother of Human"

Sameera Ansari said...

That's really sweet of her!

Cigarette smoked is something I can't tolerate too.

When are you visiting here again? :)

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely new to blogging.Children are my fav subject other than food and nature, hence got attracted to this one.
I agree children take over before you realise it....and oh so well.
They make me so happy that I just
want to share it with whoever is ready to listen.
On our wedding anniversary my 8 year old daughter ANANA and 12 year old son AVIK baked a cake for us in the middle of the night.
for a few days I was noticing my little sunshine look up my cookbooks. I thought she is looking for something she wants me to make for her..usual so didn't think much...woke up one morning at 5am to find both my kids huddled in the TV room....again didn't think much of it.
On the eve of the D-day Anana being her age went to bed and surprise....Avik didn't sleep at all. He was waiting for her to wake up so they could bake the cake. He waited for us to go to bed and then tried to wake up Anana who was blissfully in her dream world and finally woke up at 3 am .Avik decided to study while waiting for the princess. Together they went to the kitchen to find that the self-raising flour had the time to substitute...they used my bread flour instead, made sugar syrup for an alcoholic syrup, and baked a cake in the microwave, decorated it and cleaned up the kitchen and went back to the Tv room to wait for us to wake up for fear they will oversleep and miss their father as he would be off to work.
woke up at 5am to find them giggling away.
The cake turned out beautiful, decorated with fruits, perfect texture.....
I can imagine the little daughter ordering my son to get the ingredients from the little pantry and he doing all that the master oops mistress asked....the one time when she had the upper hand...they worked beautifully as a team and that really warmed my heart as I felt we had done something right.
In 21 years of married life this was the best wedding anniversary gift to both of us.

To top it all our friends....20 of them landed in the night...10.30pm to wish us and my little Anana cut up pcs of the cake and served in style..I had no clue our friends were coming , neither did the kids.

We are truely blessed....the most lovely kids and great friends

Unknown said...

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