Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gaata Rahey Mera Dil

I lovvvvve the new Carla Bruni tracks. Lovvvvvvvve ! No wonder Sarkozy has cancelled a scheduled state visit to be present at his hottie wife's album release. Any man in his right man would do the same. State visit! Forget it. The world can wait. Carla croons her words like a caress.... whispers, whistles and hums . The words are what count. Each time I listen to her over the car stereo, i try and sing along.... in my atrociously accented french. My cd is illegal and I swear I'll buy the asli cheez as and when it hits stores. For now, it's the guilty pleasure of enjoying Bruni the chanteuse that makes those interminable drives to the airport slightly less intolerable. I am off to Singapore to participate in a swish Literary Salon at the Tanglin Club. I am told there is much anticipation and excitement. All good. Why? Because I am worth it!! BTW, Aishwarya does not own the copyright to that lovely line. Wonder if L'Oreal does. But it is a great line and I can't resist it in this sort of a context. I like Singapore. The chilly crab is worth the flight. But I'm wondering WHEN I'll get to the crab given my gruelling press schedule. Am I cribbing? You bet ! I land at 8am, and the first tv interview- BBC, no less - begins at 10 ! Oh cruel world! But then 'Superstar India' deserves no less! And I am sure the formal interaction at the salon will whet local appetites for more than the famous crab!

I am missing my favourite columnist Sapna Bhavnani! She is out of Mumbai Mirror. Which means I won't be reading the paper on 'her' day either. I am a loyalist. And hers was the only fresh, honest and readable column to begin with. Kya afsos ki baat hai. Shall we start a "Get Sapna back' campaign?


Al Walling said...

well,um... i'm all 4 i hope ur serious bout ur resolution to get the original. and i'm really not kidding, at all. hey,superstar indians deserve a break once in a while... the crab deserves the spotlight.... :) btw, i scribbled a question on ur wall in the name of al walling,about vinayak, wonder if u read it.

sanju ayyar said...

Chilly Crab. Smoked beetroot salad. Cucumber broth. Salmon ravioli. Pumpkin quiche. Topshe maach. Smoked Hilsa. Paradise biryani. Mirchi ka salan.

Now Ms.De, will you please stop getting into elaborate details of each and everything that you savour!

Will you please make ordinary mortals like us feel a little less jealous by censoring food from your blogs. The way you get into explaining the nitty-gritties makes me feel damn hungry even after a full meal.

Or maybe you should just invite regular blog-commentors like us for a treat so that even we understand what ‘delicately flavoured cucumber broth in which floated the perfect salmon ravioli’ looks, smells and tastes like!

Until then, feast on the chilly crab.


sheetaldc said...

Congrats on the invite to the Literary do in Singapore!

I was there for like 5 weeks last month, since my grandparents are there... I love the place too! I would like to recommend a small, unassuming place for chicken rice soup. It is opposite Novena MRT station. Ask for the Sweet sour fish, white chicken and sour rice! Add all the sauces on the table to the soup and enjoy!!!

The crabs are also fabulous as Shobha mentioned...if anyone is interested in an Indian mean, Banana Leaf is fantabulous...the fish head curry, masaala prawns and the masala crab are finger-lickin hot!

Hope you find time to hit Orchard Street!

sanju ayyar said...

this blog will soon become a recipe book i guess! Sanjeev Kapoor, Tarla Dalal & others, beware. Okay, BEWARE!

sheetaldc said...

Hardly a recipe book sanju, more like our own travel food guide....maybe Tripadvisor can connect with us!

Harish said...

Let me do a India TV ka news script or SANSANI (on star news)on the your introduction, De.

try imagining this in chaste hindi and in the detective kind of tone:

Pesh Hai Shobhaa De,

EK pooraaani kahaavat hai "Ghat GHat ka Paani Peena"

Yeh Lekhikha Har Desh Ke Har Shehar ke Har Khaane ka swaad Jaanthi Hai...

Par fir bhi Slim and Trim Hai...

Bebo Faint Ho Gayiiii!
Model Stage MEin Gir Gayee...

Patla Banaane Waale Khaane Se Rahiye Hoshiyaar,

Khaana Khaayiye Bejhijhak Baar Baar!


(OMG De, im sure you must be wishing that you could slap me, you can actually, you can call all your blogdosts for a treat and then do dishoom dishoom )

Ananya said...

:( After all that talk about superstar's pirated version....then the song?!!!hypocrite?I do hope i shouldn't call u that...sincerely hoping u got the cd!

Unknown said...

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