Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Surviving Stuttgart

It's not just Big B who battles lost baggage traumas, it has become routine!Along with misplaced luggage, I have to deal with absurd searches, especially at German airports. This time they asked penetrating questions about my shades!! They were a gift from my daughter. Basic Ralph Laurens, not diamond studded Cartier's. Yet, I was asked really annoying stuff about the pair. Why? Plus, The efficient ladies of Lufthansa 'forgot' to serve me any hot breakfast!And the flat beds on the plane were far from flat and most uncomfortable. Kunal Kohli and Jag Mohan Mundra were on the same flight, same hotel and participating in the same Festival. Naturally, we became instant best friends.I loved Jag's film, "Shoot on Sight" which closed the festival. It is a taut thriller, shot in London and starring Naseeruddin Shah.Based on a true story after an innocent Muslim man was shot by Brit cops in the wake of the London bombings, Mundra's movie is a polished and assured film that never loses its pace. It didn't win any awards... but that's ok. It will win Mundra a lot of new fans.
Kunal did well with the audience interactions and was frantically location hunting when last seen. Germany is so entirely sold on SRK, nobody else stands a chance. For German fans of Bollywood, the magic begins and ends with the Khan. Well, he was busy settling old scores with Salman back home,,, and missing in action in distant Germany. But Stuttgart continued to swoon over 'Chak De' regardless. BTW, i FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PLACE! The local Riesling is outstanding, and I didn't have sausage even once. Just some superbly presented nouvelle cuisine ( seared scallops on a bed of thai accented noodles) at a very chic restaurant called 'Cube'.All good. All good. More Stuttgart goss in the next post. Jet lagging at present and seriously zoned. Maybe I should reach for that bottle of Riesling??


sanju ayyar said...

Ah! So finally you're back. Great to know of your Stuttgart experiences, minus the sausage misadventures. I presume the Riesling will come more than handy in overcoming that jet-lag.


Sameera Ansari said...

Airlines can be a major pain at times.But then,can't do without them.

Nice that you had a great time.Hope the lag wears off soon :)

Harish said...

ohh de...

I know this videshi airport walas could be a really annoying. on one of my foreign chakkars i was asked if i was a terrorist as i was carrying some antiques that were a little sharp and pointed. luckily, it was a joke between the cops that nearly made me skip a heart beat.

regarding jagmohan, i had nearly dismissed him as a porn film maker after i had seen monsoon which was an out-an-out porn, and then i had read about his other flicks sexual malice, backwaters all with a strong sexual overtone. Then suddenly, he had a "pornmaker bana activist" moment and he made Provoked and Bawandar, which was a welcome change. I believe he has given up his nandita das fixation and is planning to cast Preity Zinta as Sonia Gandhi. (ewwww!i feel teh title should be "from bhawandar to blunder")

one has to agree, that srk is a brand. and though im not a great fan of his, i truly admire his attitude. if it was not for his attitude, he is actually an ugly, skeletal, stammerring, odd named person. when he had got his first filmfare, when other first timers usually said, "i am so happy, it was my dream" and all that crap. he simply said "i will be back soon". thats what i call attitude...

jet lags are very irritating... catch some sleep De.

please dont go off from blogspace for so many days, de... i get very utsook to read your posts. very happy that you are back here.

InJoy :-)

Danny said...

Finally you are back.... great to see you as cheerful as always.... good going

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