Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So how....??

I just love it! Picked up in Singapore - duty free - a delicious phrase that is soooo Singapore and covers soooo much ground. "So how...?" can be a friendly greeting that wonders how you are, how is life treating you etc. Or, asked with a lilting question mark in your voice, it could refer to more cosmic issues. It's far superior to Wassup? which doesn't convey the concern built into 'So how'. Just like an emphatic " Cannnnnn..." seals a deal, and an equally emphatic " Cannnn nawwww," breaks it, Singapore has its own version of English. Let's call it 'Singlish'. The local accent drives me nuts, but on the whole, Singapore (the 'new', 'improved' avatar) gets my vote as a safe and fun destination. I am going back in September to catch the Formula One action, for which the island state is gearing up feverishly. Every single hotel room is taken and here are no tickets available. Not one to give up that easily, I plan on camping out at our son's apartment ( but he has to get there first, once he's done with Krakow), and shamelessly pulling strings. So how??? Watch this space, honey. And I'll show you how.
As i write this, I am nibbling on the world's best biscotti (whole wheat, oil free). Sangeeta Khanna is one of the most talented ladies I know. She makes incredibly creative fashion jewellery ( I wear it all the time), and she cooks! Her biscotti is flavoured with rose petals and pistachios, or fresh orange rind and toasted almonds. It is paper thin and amazingly crunchy. She makes it to order, and supplies batches to a few stores like Nature's Basket. But.... if you call her, she'll make it for you, too!Look at me - I wear her baubles, I eat her biscotti.Oooof. Too much of a good thing. So how??? Easy. I'm greedy. And spoilt.I love the unusual.That's how.


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I love the "baubles" you wear,and your sarees are like woah :)

My Dad just told me we might go to Singapore in September too,not for the F1,but he has some official work.I am already dreaming of Sentosa Island!

Harish said...

de, theres another "wat ooh doin aa" in singapura. that happens to be a pick up line. i realised only after telling a lady in a pub on orchard road who asked me the same, and prompt came the reply, "i am doing my post graduation", she looked at me as if i was a duhh of teh first order, and my cousins burst out laughing.

besides the night life of singapore, i had also seen the very vibrant madrasi crowd in singapore. little india, is simply little madras.

regarding Chak De! section (as suggested by sanju) , singapore has a peculiar taste to offer to veggies, all their dishes have coconut. since i wasnt really fond of naariyal... i used to rush to our apartment and have my favorite dahi bath.

de, are u having a bookreading session for superstar in singapore. hope the NUS and nanyang university guys know that you are in singapore. it will be a loss to them, if you were in singapore and they missed an oppurtunity to call you for a book reading of superstar. reading your book is fantstic, but hearing some excerpts from you in flesh and blood is not an opportunity anyone should miss.

smiles :-)

sanjuayyar said...

ingredibly singlish! simbly sooper!

Vikster said...

Biscotti with rose petals?

How deliciously decadent! I simply must try those next...

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

That's how.

I kinda like it. I think that can be your whole Miranda Preistyly-ish (I hope you get the whole devil-wears-prada refrence sign off thing.

Your own catchphrase.

That's how.

Shobhaa De said...

guys, i just love your feedback.keep it rollin'. de

Anonymous said...

Frankly, ur supposed to actually reply to the comments you get. not just say woohoo keep it coming guys... seriously... go to any blog and see.

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