Monday, July 14, 2008

Singapore Fling

Something wild and wonderful is happenening at Singapore. It is getting a life!!! A nightlife. As the rest of the world knows it, that is. Forget quaffing Singapore Slings (never been a fan!), what's far headier is the attitude of locals, who are partying like never before at amazing clubs and lounge bars. The few that caught my fancy are The Rupee Room (desi-owned ), Colaba Club (love the name!), and Bollywood Dhoom ( fully filmy, with gorgeous bar girls from Mumbai). But the trendiest of the lot has to be Zouk. Carved out of an old warehouse, and on several levels, Zouk features three club areas, each with a distinct ambience. The atmosphere is really chilled out with amazing looking people (most chicks wearing dangerously short shorts). I had the best time, clad in a saree! Oh, the food adventure was brilliant, too, thanks to my new best friends on the blog who had made some excellent recommendations. I did go to the humble chicken and rice pavement restaurant opposite the Novena MRT, and can vouch for the signature dish it is famous for - the chicken was succulent, yielding, moist and perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of chopped scallion. The rice was perfection itself - steaming hot and very fragrant. Yes, I drove endless miles to the East Coast for the famous chilly crab (crisp Californian Chardonnay to go with the slightly sweet sauce), but vastly preferred the sharper pepper version, eaten with lightly sauteed chinese greens. Since my daughter is a sushi fan(and a bit of a pest sometimes - just kidding- or am I?) my last meal was at a fast food but superb chain called Sakae Sushi (conveyor belt system ). The smoked eel was splendid, but thecrab sticks tasted like new rubber.Right next door to the Sushi place was an Indian outlet selling crab meat samosas! Now that's an idea for our local chefs who love stealing!So... which Bollywood star rules in S'Pore? It still remains SRK territory.With Saif a close second.Shah Lukh Khan lules, ok???


sanju ayyar said...

Its 3.30, late into the afternoon, and I'm back from a boring client meeting where we discussed everything else but work. T

he creatives need to be tweaked, the logo needs to be bigger, and the ad has to be adapted to a smaller size.

Just when life seemed miserable, I opened, learnt of her singapore fling and all appetite for life is back.

My fast is broken, and I'm heading off to attack my friend's dabba. There's no crab meat samosas in it, but there's gharguti varan bhaat, thecha and batata bhaji.

Shobhaa, thanks for opening my eyes to the new, improved singapore nightlife.

I think I must positively make an effort to go there now and also make my cousin there feel happy that I've come just to meet her.

Anonymous said...

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Harish said...

wonderphul wonderphul,

de, when i was in singapore, i was surprised (yummy)to find our indian chaap in the night life of singapore. bollywood dhoom, yes thats what it was, we saw some very good looking indian girls dancing to chamiya numbers. i simply love that city. especially orchard road is so damn posh and sexy.

now coming to Pet Ka Sawaal!
de, i dont know about the jaadu of your hands, but the jaadu of your tongue and the description of the tonguey adventures are truly fantastic. you have made me, a vegitarian salivate.
crab meat samosa's, sauteed chineese greens, smoked eel, crism californian... aahhh ahhhh ahhhh! No More... I will read no more. mmmmm i have tto rush to teh canteen now.

before that let me attempt to do a shobhaa de,

im planning to have some crispy and crunchy vegetarian samosas, and spicy and juicy gujrathi brown sause and a generous helping of crystal red opaque pomogranete seeds...

did i equal you de. no, i am no where close poor me

And, i mince no words at that.

smiles :-)

Harish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Divita said...

ma' offence...but i will second the idea of renaming your blog to 'khataa rahe mera dil' :P


sanju ayyar said...

'Khaata rahey mera dil' as a blog name is maybe too far-fetched, but if the ideology of the blog is to make it a food blog primarily, how about this as a name:

'Chak De'

Its got food. Its got you too. Perfect branding you see :-)

Sameera Ansari said...

Seems like you had a gala time! :)

I like sushi too,there's a place called "more than sushi" at the Burjuman Mall here.Have you been there?

Being a veggie,I won't wish I could try the delicacies you mentioned,but who would not drool? :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobhaa,

I emailed you regarding an invitation. Glad you're having a great time in Singapore and hope to bump into you at The Rupee Room!


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