Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stuttgart on the card

Guys, I am off tonight. Never been to Stuttgart. Sounds kinda stuffy. Bet the food's awful - how much sausage can a woman consume??? Aaargh! But the 4 day seminar sounds like fun. 'Bollywood and Beyond'. Silly Germans. Don't they know there is NOTHING beyond Bollywood?? The scarey part is that the organisers have slotted me in for two looooong solo sessions of two hours each. Much as I adore B-TOWN (HA!), investing four hours of precious time on it and those folks???Naah! But going by the schedule given to me, Stuttgart will be going fully filmy, with dance workshops, screenings, parties called 'Bollywood Vibe' etc. Oh yes, there will be a Red Carpet, and Black Tie dinners. I don't possess a black tie, alas. Nora vintage YSL tuxedo\smoking jacket. Could borrow Aamir Khan's.. OR Srk's... but most people resemble maitre d's when they try and pull off the dinner jacket look. Other than Sean Connery or George Clooney, of course. Since I don't look like either of them, I'm counting on my black sarees to see me through. One thing I definitely won't do - dip into Aishwarya's Red Carpet wardrobe, or ask Neeta Lulla for help.
Hmmmmm. Moon Das is back with a bang (pardon the pun!). Her 'ambition' is to become an item girl and be in the Rakhi Sawant league... or at least get to Sherlyn's position (horizontal??)! Talk of low aspirations! Well.... three lives were lost because of Moon ( rechristened Anushkaa). May their souls rest in peace, while Moon rocks on! Back on the blog next week. Tuesday at the earliest. None the wurst for the journey.Danke!!


sanju ayyar said...

I dont understand the importance accorded to 'who-wears-what' at such events. Whats more important is how comfortable are you in a particular outfit and can you carry it off with style or not?

Black sarees, I guess, will be more than enough to make a great impression.

Try and get pally with a few indian families out there, if at all there are any. That way you can dig into some decent dal-chawal atleast. Sausages can really get irritatingly irritating.

Have a blast in true bollywood style, and please share the bitching that happens in one of your forthcoming posts!

Mister Crowley said...

Well, you could always try living off sauerkraut ;)

Vikster said...

PLEASE don't borrow any Jaya Bacchhan Cannes disasters to wear....that green un-dhobied curtain/bedsheeet that she wore was nauseating.

Stuttgart is boring as hell...though you get brownie (errr...strudel-ie_ points for mentioning Die Fantastichen Vier - their local hip hop group . Surprisingly good actually.

Harish said...

de, I wonder if anyone could ever be a rakhi sawant. she is a brand. she is a star. her league is okie. but none can be her.

these moon's will wane away. Rakhi, The star is here to stay.

saree mein you loook very pretty. your dressing sence is very good. i have a suggestion, do that 60s ka hair style: chotti, black saree, black sleeveless blouse, loooooong sandals, and red rose sar pe...(no circus tent salwaar kameezes please) Lull(a) and Rai ke dressing sense se toh De is much better. (not flattering, it is so)

you are right, there could be nothing beyond bollywood.

do 2 ghate ka solo sessions, what is the agenda usme...? inquisitive i am. batao na.

going to miss you for one looooong week on blogosphere. come back soon,

smiles :-)

Divita said...

i saw your interview on Koffee with Karan the other day (with shabana azmi), and thats where i heard your opinion on ashwariya rai's dressing sense. haahaa!
i wanted to ask you- do all interviews sound so strained? not you in particular.

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Sameera Ansari said...

Bon voyage,happy weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

>>Other than Sean Connery or George Clooney, of course. Since I don't look like either of them, I'm counting on my black sarees to see me through.<<

LOL! That was good!

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