Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sindhi Kadi

As I write these words, a delicious aroma is wafting from the kitchen towards me. Our cook, the forever cheerful Anil, is busy stirring the dekchi. I take his word for it that what he calls 'Sindhi Kadi'with such confidence, is indeed the genuine article. Anil is a Bong, like my husband. I am a ghati. And the 'kadi' is supposedly 'Sindhi' (wonder if it's the same stuff L.K. Advani eats at his home??). Well... we love Anil's version, even if it does feature an over abundance of 'gowar' - those nasty beans, more bitter than anything else. Purists eat the 'Kadi' with sweet boondi rice - a rather startling but delicious combo. I prefer to soak Punjabi atta chappatis into a katori full of piping hot 'kadi' (I have to see the steam!). This makes a complete and entirely satisfying meal on a monsoon night. My other dinner option was fancier but also far more strenuous. It was an invitation to a formal dinner party hosted by a prominent lady banker in honour of visiting Harvard professors. Too much intellect in too short a span of time. My appetite died an instant death. I 'd like to think I made the right choice by staying home and enjoying the 'kadi'. Yup. I ditched. But what the hell - is anybody really missed on these occasions? Naah!
I tried for tickets to the latest Batman movie (beyond brilliant, I'm told). Only front rows, said the Metro Adlabs guy. Oh hell - that's the multiplex where movies never start on time. And the popcorn's pretty lousy, too. My daughter sadistically suggested 'Kismet Konnection'. I firmly kissed it goodbye.I like Shahid. But not THAT much. As for Vidya - she should buy Shilpa's yoga dvd,forthwith.And keep those thick legs out of sight.Aaaah.... the 'Sindhi Kadi' is ready. And so am I!


Harish said...

if being grounded, realistic and grounded is a trait of ghaati's. i appreciate your ghaatiness.i want to be ghaati too.

lady banker ke dinner table mein discussion of figures se, discussing vidya balan's figure is more interesting. and harward professors ke saath dinner... omg. id have died of over intellectualization.

vidya, i feel given the very cerebral TamBrahm and the sant jhavier blood that runs in her, she wouldve definitely switched to better, sexier outfits. but then, how will she be in news. i feel this is her strategy to gain publicity. kitna news. kitna news vidya. arrey if you dont mend your ways, you soon would be getting only aunty and teh good sauteli maa roles.forget everything else. apni saint xaviers college ki laaj rakh le.

shahid is gaining popularity in the gay world as well. I have a lot of my gay friends drooling over him. we had enough of vagina monologues by people who were pyyar mein paagal with shahid...i wouldnt be surprised if we actually read sometime about the frustrated Shahid's exploration leading to a Penis dialogue.

~ aham ~

Sameera Ansari said...

Though I just had a yummy full dinner,you make me feel hungry again with the description of that kadi! :)

Arjun said...

... i was extremely lucky last night to get my hands on some chardonnay!
It went well as my wife brazed the chicken in it and i had the rest of it!!!

My redemption is that I will be cooking the entire weekend when her close "SAHELI" is over!

Yes - as the cost of repetition - your posts inspire hunger!

...btw VIDYA needs to do something about her dress sense

Toon Indian said...

Mam,been an admirer of your work..since..since I can remember.

Vidya actually has beautiful features and all.. I feel she is one of the very actresses we have ..not a typical heroine!!

Al Walling said...

no offence, but the food fixation has to b toned town... maybe gradually... but surely... ingestion fixation is js not going to cut it. and bout vidya..... ure dead on track.... couldnt agree more

sindhuhappygoluckyhollygolightly said...

leave my fellow keralite girl, vidya balan, alone. she is much better looking than some of the other leading ladies of b-town.

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