Thursday, July 3, 2008

I have no intentions of watching the desi Mary Poppins, with the worst styling imaginable.... but.... all I know is that the late night shows at both multiplexes in South Mumbai were sold out! And it is not as if my daughter looked for tickets at show time! So, if nobody is supposed to be watching this dud, howcome there are no tickets on a week day at that ghastly hour? Whether or not Rani marries her Raja and lives happily ever after, her film career is facing one crisis after another. Rani is no angel in reel or real life.... I guess that is where the problem lies. At some stage, the asli self starts to show... and trouble begins.

The latest issue of 'Society' is terrific! Full of genuine exposes and garma garam masala. Especially the bold IPL story written by ASHWIN VARDE. Well researched and hard hitting, he has dared to go into touchy terrain, writing about SRK's falling out with Kolkata's Dada, and Mumbai's King. If the buzz is true, Mukesh and Sourav are no longer on SRK's best friends' list. But Lalit Modi has pipped Yuvi in the Priety stakes! Where that leaves the mess with Ness is anybody's guess.... but I would go with Ashwin's take . He is a pretty reliable journo, not given to cheap sensationalism.SRK has obviously miffed the Magna Group big time, going by the other 'hot' story that shows the superstar in a poor light. Real estate nightmares never seem to end for this Khan. This time it is a Delhi property. KJo wooing the Big B and falling at his feet after watching Sarkar Raj, comes in for comment as well. Again, it's a strike against SRK and his possessiveness. Overall, it's a great monsoon read. But, why does nobody follow the Ahlan Masala Dubai formula here? It is Page 3 journalism at its sexiest. Great photo ops, cheeky write ups, loads of goss. Better than 'People'. And almost as glam as 'Hello!'

Still to 'Aamir' .... but it is on my must-see list. Sorry, but the real Aamir was a real wash out interviewing his nephew Imran on a tv channel. Aamir, go get some sleep. The bags under the eyes will soon reach your knees. Eye Spa?? Chill out, man. Your intensity is seriously harrowing.


mistercrowley said...

There's a desi Mary Poppins? I've been screamed at enough over this, but the original one was bad enough.

Or maybe I ought to stop comparing it with Monty Python.


mistercrowley said...

And about SRK's 'delhi property'...I drive by it often and always ask myself why anybody would want to sell it, Khan or no Khan. I wouldn't sell that bit of land for love or money (ok, possibly for love, if it was Jessica Alba buyin it, hah).

SMM said...

Helooo....its nice to see you in blogland too :)

Your books bring back wonderful memories of school when we would cover them in brown paper, smuggle them in, highlight certain parts and pass them around during class :P

I shall certainly be visiting more often. Please do stop by at my blog sometime and leave your comments on these two posts in particular:


Your comments would be very much valued. Thank you.

*Aham* said...

yes De, Mrs Rani Chopra ka downfall started the moment she thought became the doosri aurat. Saif K, he is a man with balls. But that doesnt help always.(No wonder he is seen shirtless so so often these days)

regarding sharukh khan, since a few days im seeing him with lot of other boyzez, no wonder KJo has thought of casting John and Abhishek in the supposedly queer flick "dostaana". oye shahrukh! kiran(juhi) and karan ko math bhool, you are because they are. Films mein aa ja. You aint a good sport any ways.

Regarding "Aamir", if all works fine, rajiv khandelwal walk the same road of success as shahrukh did. just that he needs to find some karans and some aadityas and some chopdas and some azizs for catapulting his success. waise kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padtha hai, rajeev, samaj gaye na! (well whether we like it or not bollywood has a lot of "Try"sexual beings, mard... aurat... no bar, just we need some mazaa baar baar)

I loved aamir khan's taare zameen par, i respect him as a director, but as an actor, he acts. and thats visible. i mean, no matter how much you try, they are visible as an act, he isnt natural. (exceptions: earth, QSQT, akele hum akele tum)

smiles :-)

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