Monday, July 28, 2008

monsoon bedding

It is so gloomy and dismal outside, the sensible thing to do is stay in bed and listen to Saigal. I hate Saigal and his nasal whinge... blame it on lousy recording standards, but Saigal makes Himesh sound good. So, why do I listen to Saigal in this awful weather? The rain arouses the masochist in me. I eat the wrong food, wear the wrong clothes, argue with myself (pointless!) and endure Saigal's nasal singing as he urges some wretched rajkumari to go to sleep. No rajkumari in her right mind could possible sleep if the lullaby is this awful. Saigal purists may want to slaughter me for this, but heck, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do - trash a lousy singer whose parents forgot to remove his adenoids.
From Saigal to terrorism in one easy swoop may be a recipe for disaster, but then not all of you have to deal with seriously terrible weather, and bad news on the telly round-the-clock. I have received impassioned responses to my last blog. Which means I am not alone in feeling the way I do. The miracle of the moment is the remarkable restraint shown by the people of Ahemedabad... and let's acknowledge that.Given the level of provocation,it is to their credit there was no talk of retaliation or retribution. Allah be praised. Jai Shri Krishna.The only high point of the slow weekend was a movie called 'No shortcut to happiness.' Despite the lousy reviews, I liked it (in bits).Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin ? How bad can they be?? This was followed by dinner at 'Olive' - the new one at the race course. My heart went out to the horses in adjoining stables.Imagine having to put up with rowdy humans trying a bit too hard to appear hip and cool.The food was pricey and called Italian. Shall we take the chef's word for it and not tell the Italians???


Kris Bass said...

I came across your blog from one of the gay celebrity blogs that I frequent. I am actually surprised to see you here because somewhere inside me, I thought, being an admirer of your articles, that I wouldn't be writing to you. I'll add you to my blog roll.

And about the weekend, yeah mine's been the same. And guess what, I watched 'A Shortcut to Happiness' as well. I loved the men in there!

Sameera Ansari said...

Am fed up of such news too.Best thing to do is turn off the tele,grab a good book and a plate of hot pakoras in such weather!

Anonymous said...

M'am De',

Rains are the only thing that make Mumbaikars feel human and confined. Otherwise they are as happy and comfortable to Robot like life style.
Barring the few who remote control these Robotic Lives.

Vinod Agarwal - Fan of Bhule Bisre Geet loading shortly oldies collection on ONKIA.

Harish said...

hey de,

o m g, no saigal suicide please... so jaa raj kumaari... i was trying to imagine you with a face pack listening to saigal. couldnt even imagine completely.

yes, this over exposure by the media, and their theories being flashed again and again, sometimes psychologically works wonders. this ahemedabadi restraint is one sych case. every channel was stating that this is an attempt to make ignite a hindu-muslim riot as it is a sensitive area. so probably, they understood that they were being made pawns.

horses, mahalaxmi ke, i have heard go to haffkine institute when they are no more winning studs. they then bleed for antivenom vaccines. mallaya, should concentrate on horses and not just his femenine horsepowers...

rainboy said...

i have stopped watching tele upsets me most of the time.Fills the mind with so much junk.
"No shortcut to happiness" was good one,a classic story of good over evil.i enjoyed watching Hewitt. :)
so you won't be visiting 'Olive' again & plz do tell the Italians :D.

Arjun said...

you have been having a tough time...sad music, sad telly, sad skies et al!
I trust the food at olive made up for it.
I loved going to the one we had in Delhi, having left Mumbai sometime ago!

Preeti Shenoy said...

Thankfully I have never listened to Saigal!:)
I have always admired your writing and your attitude to life.I used to read that column you used to write for 'The week' many many years back.(I think i was in school--or maybe college) It has this lovely sketch of you beside your byline. Someday I wanted a bit of the same for myself (To write in mags and write a book) And now it has come true!
Preeti Shenoy

sindhuhappygoluckyhollygolightly said...

I cant stand to watch all the news about the latest bombings to hit India.

By the way, how was your trip to germany?

Unknown said...

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