Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pappu CAN dance!!

Here's the good news: Imraan rocks. He is a serious cutie, and college kids are going ga ga over him already.And yes, he CAN dance, besides act convincingly. Plus, his dishum dishum scenes aren't half bad either. The best trick, however is his positioning. How smart and clever is that?? Imraan does not have much of a physique - so, what does the team do? Pack him off to a gym to get all buffed up? Nooooo. That would be too much of a cliche - besides, check out the competition ... and look what happened to Harman when he attempted a Hritik Me Too.Instead, all the pr and publicity around Janne Tu ( orchestrated by the genius uncle, no doubt) revolves around Imraan's non-sculpted sex appeal. Imraan himself admits he's no Adonis. Good thinking. The audience is prepared and disarmed well in advance. His all-important 'intro scene' is equally understated and natural. That works big time, too. We know our hero is just another chikna Bandra Boy, whose eyebrows need drastic trimming. His buddies are again, mainly suburban 'types' - not filmi flunkies. The treatment of the main story (such as it is), remains unpretentious and charming. Nothing much happens till intermission. But nobody cares. One even overlooks those maha annoying airport cuts to a hugely irritating group going into flashbacks of the romance. But for me, the real star of Jaane Tu is Smita Patil's very appealing son, Prateik. More Hollywood than Bollywood. Imraan is made. But Prateik is pure gold.No. Make that Platinum! Watch this guy....


*Aham* said...

sachi re de, Immy is a darling, he looks like no conventional hero, but very believable. i can relate to him when i see him dance or says dialogues. he is just so cute and droolable (read dooable) hehehhe (shut up Aham... apologies for my dirty mind ))

i am scheduled to see the movie today evening and i have forced my colleugues to join me to a b grade theater where we could dance and whistle every time Immy comes on screen, its so much better than behaving sohphisticated in a 100% SoBo(south bombay) theatre.

Aamir Khan is such a great PR person, i dont even know if he has passed his even graduation, but this chap De, is truly fantastic with his PRgiri. he simply exemplifies the fact that education se jyaada, job experience helps.

regarding Prateik! I would have been so happy if aamir maamu gave some respect to the other chokras and chokris in the publicity of the movie. but he was self obsessed about returning thebig favour that nasir hussain had done on him by casting him in QSQT.I hope that he promotes prateik, the son of the maverick smita, as well, if not for any other reason, as a mark of respect for teh fantastic pairs of genes that he has "smita patil" and "raj babbar".

brb, I will post again, my reactions after watching the movie.

*Aham* said...

i am back. de, you know i saw the movie with my colleagues at premiere theatre which is in sandurst road. this theatre was not as bad as i had expected, it had a pretty decent middle class crowd. lot of gujju boyzez in the crowd.

de, regarding the movie. it is so very well edited. i mean, not the technicalities, but at not a single place did i feel that the film was unnecessarily dragged.

guenila, has acted well, very well. nut i wonder with a name like gunelia, hope she doesnt become a "guinea" pig and succumb to the bollywood matkas and jhatka's.

see i spoke about aamir khans acting, if you compare that with this new kid in the block, you can clearly make out that immy is very natural, true to life, no place did i feel that he was acting. i loved his comfort zone, he didn’t mind being teased by prateik, he was very cool about the fact that he had no physique and had a pencil thin figure, in fact thinner than guinea (ohh sorry) guniela i meant... and in fact he has been shown absolutely comfortable showing his invisible biceps, and in a scene showing off his bare chest. i mean, if you are comfortable playing yourself and could play without giving an impression that you are actually playing a character, it looks so cool. i also loved teh outline of immy character, which had a lot of feelings, but also knew how to deal with them. he was shown a winner, not a loser. de another thing about immy, yes i agree with you, lets gift immy a pair of tweezers, i feel his eye brows make up for the hair that he has in the other parts of the body (that were exposed).

prateik, o m g, smita patil ka bhoot, he is such a fine actor, contrast to his half brother arya babbar and half sister juhi babbar, this guy knows his expertise, and will make it big slowly though, he will leave an indelible mark. there was a subtle hint in this movie about prateik being gay. but aamir must have intervened and asked abbas to not give an impression that losers and silent people are gay. infact kudos to aamir and abbass that they gave a message, again subtle, that gay men could be artistic.

i simply loved the gujju boy jigneess saah, very well crafted role na de and rothdu, wao, some commonly used terms very intelligently imbibed in the script.

i also liked the positive attitude that the meghna, jai's girlfriend shows towards life. and again something that we all do, give meaning to abstract things. (remember lord ganpati doodh peeta hai episode, or something like mf hussains scribble that we choose to call modern art)

the hero of the movie was the ghoda or ghodi (im gay, id prefer calling it ghoda. hahahaha). did u notice one thing, aamir khans lucky charm is the ghoda, every hit movie of his has a ghoda (exception dil).

ratna pathak and naseeruddin shah share an off-screen chemistry with imran. and that comfort shows well on screen. ratna, anuradha patel, and naseer have done too well. aamir in his starting days had worked with supriya pathak in a movie called raakh, after that it is now that he is working with her sister ratna, as the producer (read director) of the movie.

music by my favoritest ar rehman is not the usual music that he gives. very different. though i did feel that the song "dil kabhi gandha, kabhi hai nek bandha... nazrein churana..." that they sing while on the truck is a rehash of "yuhi chala chal rahi..." of swades. incidentally, that was also when shahrukh was driving a lorry.

the animal love (kitty funeral) thing wasnt funny to me , but laughter is contagious. i laughed too.

and de, you know what, the real heroine of the film was our sant xavier college. i bored my colleagues saying, "you know this is the foyer, this is my classroom, wao, my football court"... the ambience of 2 colleges is truly fantastic, st. xavier’s and khalsa college in matunga, waoooo.. it has a very artistic ambience. no wonder, creativity thrives in these 2 institutions. khalsa alumni include film actors like dilip kumar, raj kapoor, rajeshwari sachdev, jaydev hattangady, akshay kumar and many more, and st xaviers ka toh we have a lamba list, shabana azmi to vidya balan, and of course you know this lady connected with the film industry as a columnist, editor and allied paraphernalia na... her name is shobhaa de.


*Aham* said...

tongue of slip

ohh sorry, i didnt mean lady, i meant "girl".

Anonymous said...

M'am De'

I used to have brief interactions with Prateik at whistling woods while he auditioned for our short films and later joined the new acting batch only for a short period though.

He definitely has expressions and eyes like his own mother and has inherited her talent too.

Everybody knows that you can recognise the STARS in making better than anybody else. Let that be PLATINUM.

Vinod Agarwal - Production Student First Batch of Whistling Woods (18 July 2006 - 18 July 2008)

Shobhaa De said...

guys, go watch Made of Honour, and we can have a chicken-and-egg discussion on both films.

Girish said...

That was a super review. Could not agree more.
Just one correction, Imran has a very well toned physique (remember the scene where is actually breaks up with Meghna in his bedroom). Just coz he does not have muscle bulk does not mean he does not go to the gym.
The casting was mindblowing, esp. Smitha Patil's son.

sindhuhappygoluckyhollygolightly said...

I did see Made of Honor. I enjoyed it. I have not seen Jaane tu ..... I have been listening to the music of jaane tu on Sure, will buy it on my upcoming trip to India.

Anonymous said...

Loved Jaane Tu. Loved everyone, Imran and his bushy eyebrows, the fat boy, spunky Genelia, 'Jignes'; absolutely loved that hilarious last scene when Imran gallops out of police station past a stue of Shivaji on horseback! Intelligent direction there.And Prateik, soulful Prateik, who reminded me so much of Smita Patil, every moment he was on the screen.

BTW,Prateik has been chosen by Kiran Rao to play lead in her debut film Dhobi Ghaat, all on the prodding of Aamir. So Shobha and Aham and all AK haters can just stop the criticism against aamir.

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